Thursday, September 12, 2013 Cafe.

I can't believe I actually tell the world wide web that I'm trying to lose weight when I have been dining in glam lately. I am actually spending money on food rather than shopping. I think I need more dresses. Half of them in my wardrobe doesn't fit anymore :/

Oh well,
talking about food.

The other day, I had dins at 

which is located in the grocery store at the bottom floor of publika , serving pork in all their dishes. It's quite a hidden place in publika. But I think, it's worth a try. 

I still can't get over I went there with sweater and shorts. I'm totally under-dress and I promised myself that it won't happen again. I'd rather be overdress wtf. 

 I feel like ordering every single thing on the menu. Every seems yummy wtf. Oh well, spaghetti and pasta never goes wrong.

Bacon Mushroom Aglio Olio - RM 28

Aglio Olio have always been my choice. Carbonara is fattening eventhough it's yummy , and I don't wanna risk that. I don't feel like having tomato sauce either. 

Kevan's Bacon Sandwich with Apple Sauce ? - RM 28

I'm not sure if that's the correct name though. But I'm pretty sure  sandwich,apple sauce and bacon is in the name of this dish. Sometimes I don't understand why they name their dish with such a long name. Might as well write an essay wtf. I honestly prefer to look at menus which provide pictures together. Save all the trouble , trying to imagine how it would look like.

I went there twice , so far and it was all good. 

I heard that their pork ribs are good , getting five star reviews online . 

Oh well, maybe next time . :)

PS I'm so bad at food blogging.