Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Levain .

I have been discussing with Jacinth that I want to go to Levain ever since a levels and finally, we are heading there after a year. I still remember I crash my car a day before. 

Oh well, the exterior design of this pastry house have already made me go ahhhhhhhhh. 

It's too pretty and fairytale like. I really love how westernize the design is , making me feel like I'm at Europe or something. I really think that it's pretty. And so, I walk into the bakery with a dramatic push of the front door seeing -

Bread have never been so amazing to me, wtf.

Jacinth & I went crazy , taking the pastries that we want to try. We couldn't make up our mind on the spot so we end up just take everything that we want. 
Oh well,

Honestly, it's too much for two person. 

The mushroom soup was reaaaaally good so, I 100% recommend that. It's definitely not from campbell. I love how the have chicken cubes and mushrooms inside . The quantity of it is generous. And, the creamy level of the soup is just nice. 

We wanted to share one ,but in the end we are both too selfish.

And this is the ever first time, I get teddy bear coffee art! 


Everything on the table was around RM60 or less, I supposed. I think it's quite affordable unless you are like us, wanting everything. We didn't finish it. And, I am too lazy to take picture for each because I was THAT hungry.

I think you should go there once in your life , because it's a good cozy place for you to have an affordable teatime or late brunch. 

Before ending the post,

Cheers for teddy ! :)