Monday, September 9, 2013

Flat White, ss15 .

Impromptu coffee break after RR's photoshoot at Flat White cafe at ss15. It's at the second floor , at the starbucks row - right infront of AC. I'm not sure what is the shop exactly below it. 

I'm hating ss15 for having so many new cafes now when I am no longer studying there. Oh well, 1 and a half year just pass by like this. I can't believe that this is my last year being a teen.

Back to the cafe ; I think it's simple and cozy enough. 

I think they have too limited tables and chairs , and could only serve a few people at the same time which is not a good thing. But at the positive side, there wouldn't be alot of people so it would not be noisy. There is a pros and cons - you judge.

I ordered flat white at RM 9 and shared a red velvet cake with Xiuming , at RM 11 which I think it's too pricey for a slice. I have been complaining like some aunty. But the cake definitely taste good. To think back, I guess it's worth the price but it doesn't beat the on in Upstair's cafe.

They don't have pretty coffee art but they have adorable cake deco served together . 

Oh well.