Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Coffee Chemistry .

A short meet up with the girls on Merdeka eve at Coffee Chemistry at First Subang . I suggested that place because I heard that the food is good and affordable . I got even more hyped up when Sherynn says that they serve 3D coffee art. 

And here it is,


I didn't know that coffee art could go until this extent.

I was like WOAH WOAH WOAH when the cup arrives and my girls were like , wtf calm down woman.

You just don't know how excited I was. lol.

My Spaghetti which I don't remember the name.

They have lunch set promotion . It depends on what kind of food you order. My spaghetti is 18.90 , with a free drink but I top up RM 3.50 for a cup of hot cappuccino . I can't missed out the 3D coffee art!

This is my Donniena's  :)

Because, I like my nail colour . 


All bitchy and everything . Best friend.

I think we look better camwhoring than letting the waiter take pic of us .


my outfit of the day.

My shorts are still available on Raqul Reed with discounted price! :)

That day, I was very vain .