Monday, September 23, 2013

So Young .

Farewell dins with the bunch and other plans. It was so long ago that I'm too lazy to story it out. There wasn't anything much but a group of people dressing to head to dinner. I can't deny I love how everyone dresses up nicely , for instagram. 

Dins at Rakuzen, Publika .

and then,
to Mamak Anderson. :)

Did I mentioned that we have the B&W theme? 

I know how lame and old school it is but it looks pretty good in pictures , except for KW's red pants catching all the attention. Looking at this picture make me realize that I need to do some shopping on dresses. ):

And that friday itself, we decide to head to the club because it had been so long! That day was so awesome :) I had a fun friday, like finally! :)

Ootn with my 4 inch heels, fml.

It never feels so good to be young. 

Young , wild and free. 

Go out and have fun, people! :)