Friday, September 20, 2013

O' Briens.

I don't have family days on Sundays , because my fam are really random. All of us likes freedom and we really don't like to be restrain by any rule. That's why, I had my freedom since I'm in highschool. Of course, my fam did warn me about what I'm suppose to do and I'm not suppose to. They just probably give us the freedom and expect us to think by ourselves. I can't deny that my sis & I are more independent in our circle of friends.
I guess, different fam have the different method of dealing with this issue.

I'm more rebellious than my siblings , and I guess I have already pass that stage. 

This sunday was different because I actually went out with my fam, instead of hanging out with my friends or sit infront of my computer to serve the web.

We head to the curve , since I have an appointment there. Oh well, there's no lunch because we woke up too late. 

I ended up at O'Briens with my aunty only. She is like my only friend in my family because everyone is everywhere. If our age were the same, we could go clubbing together. lol.

This is my first time at O'Briens though. It was around 4pm , so there's a few choices of high tea set depends on what is your choice. 

We chose the tea set for 2 for RM 18.90 which consist of a sandwich of your choice , a cake and two teas. I changed the tea to two cups of cappucino , and there are no extra charges. 4pm is just in time for coffeebreak :) 



Egg Mayo with Chicken Crisp Sandwich.

Oh my god, mother of sandwich . 

It was so so so so so goooood!

Carrot cake, because cheesecake is too heavy and no for chocolate cake!

it really surprises me that they have pretty coffee art too. I expected it to be just normal for a cafe like this. Oh my god, seriously. Everything is just RM18.90?! Did I forget to mention that they do not have any service charge or whatsoever? :)

Look at how pretty it is. 

This is not maple leaf right? or it is .. -.-

Wanna selca with the coffee but the coffee is too pretty that I don't exist ): emo.

And lastly,

* insert relevant emo or inspiring quote*

so much love to O'briens.