Friday, May 17, 2013

Make me purr.

What do you think about my car ears headband? :)

I really love to just match my coordinates to just head out, even if it's just an hour or two. I really have the patience and time to do that, unless it's the time of the month which I annoyed even if a fly just flew by infront of me. I want to slap them -.- 

I don't know why I did this but I just want to show how my kitty ears matches with the meow , with is half cut.

I need ip5 ):

I love this pictures is. *vain*

Jacinth and I have been talking about watching ironman3 together and we both clearly knows that is not the main point. Not because of the stress due to our exams, either. 

All we want is just popcorn, lol.

Look at our LARGE caramel popcorn, omfg. 

She told me she wanted popcorn since forever and two continuous night we talk about it , and suddenly I start to carve for it. 

And trust me, 
Ironman was really good.

Tony Stark *gulp* is pretty fine.

My hair sucks and I'm not ready.

This picture not bad right. *brows*

" Wait, Let me wear my hairband first. Don't take first ah.. "

" Yerrr...why cannot take out one..." 

Hi :)

And I guess if you are into street brands and casual tees with 'swag' , you should know about Brian Lichtenberg.

I really love how this dude here , go all asshole making fun of all the high-end brands . But, I think it's so cute that he change Celine to Feline meow , Hermes to Homies and stuff. 

& it's really in-trend in the US and UK.

What kills is, it's actually 60 USD for one and I know it's kind of expensive for a tee. But compare to Givenchy, I think it's fine. 

No, Boy London is still my love. 

And here are some of the designs I grab from SWAG-R 

Completely love the gold foil print :)

Homies in pink!


I think this shirt is only for guys. I think it's really weird that a girl is wearing this, as if...they want to be fucked wtf.


Feline meow~

This is latest design of Homies collection from BLTEE.

If you're interested in the original ,you can go to for the details 


for a good replica quality for BL TEE - just visit SWAG-R !

I have got my BLTEE , go and get yours and follow the trend .

Feline Meowww~