Sunday, May 12, 2013

To shape up a day.

This is me without any make up , not even my brows are drawn and I guess, I just simply have enough sleep. 

I don't put anything on my face when I am going to college or hanging out with my friends in the middle of the night. I don't always put on make up when I go out too. But of course, most of the time for camwhoring purpose - I put some light ones.

I got a comment that why do I put up make up 24/7.

I don't. 

First, make up are too expensive and I'm too stingy. Second, I am a very lazy person that can even go out with my jersey and sweatpants. Third, I am not that kind of girly girl who will make sure I look fabulous all the time. Who actually feel good when they are having their time of their month right?

Oh well, this is for them who never see me without any make up. 

I look like this - and I filter my photos MUAHAHAHAHA. Unless, you come and stalk me and see my wake up face.

I don't like it when people put an image of me of who I am not. 

Gosh, my skin was so good . 


And to have a good day, one must have a good breakfast.

All time favorite macchiato 

They put cheese , a little bacon and mayonnaise in the egg . It taste so good TT

I was so happy that day . 

I always skip my breakfast because I wake up late and so. I had breakfast alone at Shakespear. 

Yes, I'm quite well doing alone.