Friday, May 24, 2013

Sweet Tooth.

I really can't stand sitting at home anymore.

I don't even do my revision and until now, I could honestly tell you that I haven't start to do any part year questions yet. If you study a levels, you should know past year questions are one of the essential for you to get a good grades - as for me, I just want to pass.

I don't even know what I have been doing these 1 and a half year. Honestly, my aim is to just pass. 

Sometimes I wish, I don't live such a carefree life . 

Going crazy.

Look at my static hair , lol!

And my confession on my tee ! :)

I dragged my sis to pyramid to satisfy my sweet tooth at Tong Pak Fu .

One of the signatures.

I always loved Durian but I really don't wanna wash my teeth 1214221515192357 times that day so , my sister chose mango. 

I love how the milk shaved ice taste like. Besides that, I think the weather is terrible these days so I chose the one with 'cincau'. How do we say it in english btw?

No girls hate strawberries , trust me.


Jessie & I . She's rocking Comme Des F*ckdown well.

And I can't believe I am such a pig that two of that sweet stuff doesn't satisfy me. After ten minutes, I was carving for hot dessert. 

Ordered Black Sesame soup which is a little bitter.

Not much to my liking and I think it's quite expensive because it's so small!

I think I should have chose the peanut butter one instead.

Artistic anot?!

my ootd.

Hi, I'm a fangirl.

You can get this top at RM 35 , at SWAG-R . Just click HERE for more designs. They have I LOVE GDRAGON , or just basic shirt with nice logos for your everyday wear. 

VIPs is hell of crazy .

Like me.