Friday, May 10, 2013

As long as I am with you , I can't go wrong.

I am having a study break now & that make me realized that I'm going to finish my pre-u soon.

Maybe it's just 18 months , and that's why I don't have any special feeling about this. From the first day of exam in the course until this very second, I just hope I can struggle through this hectic period. I really hate to just read read read and read. Although I regretting choosing this course since it is eating up all my leisure time , I am glad that I manage to make it till the very end. 

I take A LEVELS.

& eveytime I tell people this, they would give me a dirty look or expect me to drop out very very soon. 

I can't wait till the last day of exam ends which is a day after my birthday WITH TWO PAPERS fmlchickenballs. I literally stare at my exam timetable for 5 seconds and went blank. I can't believe I'm going to spend my birthday studying. But it's alright , I can celebrate my birthday on the day itself NEXT YEAR -.- 

My Army Crop top from Raqul Reed . This is one of my favorite in the whole update itself. 

I love how it matches with any bottom and still look good! :)

I was sad so I went for a coffee break with my aunt.

You don't know how much coffee break mean to me and make me happy. Just coffee, pastries , cakes and of course, long deep conversations makes a perfect combo. 

Honestly, this makes me feel so relax.

I don't know how to explain how good it feels like when you talk to someone without thinking , but just feelings. 

My favorite scones , with lots of lots of whipped cream!

My aunt ate both the mini burgers and claimed that it's really good.

It's carrot cake topped with chocolate and cream cheese. I remove the cream cheese because I had the whole whipped into my stomach already then.

This is just so...awesome .

My awkward first photo. 

We left around 6pm and no, we didn't skip dinner. Nobody can skip dinner. My grandma's cooking is too good wtf. 

To let you see my face.

Because some of them say that, my fringe sometimes covers half of my face so yeah?

I read one of the emails from a reader and no, I can't just reveal them here because it's confidential lol. They want to see me act cute * vomit beforehand*

Oh god...

This is the legendary act cute pout I see everywhere. 

Must squint the eyes a little, make the nose look rounded and the lips must thick thick one wtf.

Alright, I tried.

Sorry for not being cute . I am never gonna be cute.

* grabbing a pail and vomit*