Monday, May 6, 2013

It will get better.

Life is never easy .

& sometimes, you got to fight what you want to have in your arms.

When you fight too much and got tired , take a break and make your decision whether this battle is worth the wounds you are having now.

And people say, there are only regrets in the chances you never take and effort that you never poured.

That is easy for them because they are not you & they will never be you , to feel your pain.

Sometimes you just have to draw a line and cut off the desperation.

When it belongs to you, it will always come back to you even it takes forever to do so.

When it is not yours , there is no use to fight for it because it's fated to just slip off your fingertips like sand.

Sometimes we have to realize that some effort we put in are not to be acknowledge , some feelings we gave out are not to be return , some things are not meant to be and some scars are going to remain forever.

But all of the sweet and bitter memories we have , are going to make us a better person.

& one day, all this pain will make sense to you and transform into a different kind of energy in you.

goodnight, readers.