Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Never once elegant.

I wonder if you're bored with my face already.

How do you love my new way of make up?

Thicker than usual and more heavy. I don't even know what look I am suppose to put off but I guess it was the darker hair colour that makes me do it like this. My hair colour actaully determines what clothes I buy and what make up I am going to put on. I guess I'll stick to this until I change to another colour. 

My stubbornness towards matching coordinates . tsk tsk.

I hate how the traffic is on Sundays.

I feel so act cute ^^

I met up with Kev. You don't know how close we are. I have a few close male friends and he is one of them. Believe it or not, we talk about life all the time. I guess that's because we have something similar in life and be able to understand each other.

I feel lucky to have someone like that though.

We can don't see each other for weeks and months but yet, we always have time to keep in touch . 

It's sad that he's leaving this september ):

As usual, I am late for an hour wtf. Blame the traffic this time! 

We settle at Milk & Butter in Bangsar! :)

Wanted antipodean but it's full house and Yeast doesn't have any food left wtf, no joke. Surprisingly, Milk & Butter is good!

Selca in the romantic light ambience.

I love how my eyes look like. So big and dreamy - that's because my double eye lid seemed to be extra deep that day. 

My Chicken Breast Sandwich which is only RM16 

 Can you believe the portion? I couldn't finish it though but it's good and looks healthy. 

Sorry that I can't take nice pictures of food. People have a good camera and DSLR and at that time, I only have an iphone4s TT

Artistic enough anot! :)

That's how far I can go.

We spent around 3 hours there with a good cup of coffee and talk. I was quite upset that I couldn't get to taste the cake because I was too stuffed. Moreover, I didn't even finish my own food. I think only Bernice will like that place. Bernice, next time we go ok ok ? :P

I was trying out the " turn around and smile" pose . So obvious that I failed -.- 


Cheers to good angle of OOTD

You know why I choose this out of so many jersey tee in Givenchy?

It's because BOMMIE HAS IT.

Come, I showwww you!

She wear it front/back - means, the back she wore it as a front and still look fabulous.

One thing about this shirt is, you can wear the front as the back and the back as the front.


Now, It makes me look so uglier in this shirt eventhough it's Givenchy -.- 

Anyhow, vain pics.

This is the back

Back home and SS before I remove my make up.

I love this contact lens effect.

Can't wait to blog about the lens where I purchase and all. You guys should stay tune! No joke.

Good night ;/