Friday, April 12, 2013

Acme Bar & Coffee

This is just another girly girly post.

Now, I have learn smart how to make sure my blog is not dead. I try to make one post for one event when I used to sum up everything in one because I want more pictures in a post. Honestly, I'm trying to type more - but based on what my friends say , they don't really read because they could actually read my mind -.- 


But it's okaaay now, I'll make sure you can only remember my face LOL.

A blissful wednesday to 

I am sure quite a number of you have already hear about this place and definitely the place is pretty. The ambience was good .

I don't know but I am really very into cafes nowadays. I think I am really addicted to caffeine. I want to go to publika and try out some cafes that people recommend me though. I only have two girls who goes to these kind of place with me - XM and Bernice wtf.  

I am more to a person who sit at this nice place, have a coffee and talk. And of course, I am the one talking all the time because I can't stand silence inbetween us. 
But really,
I don't think anyone of us can shut up when we are hanging out - it's like there is so many things to talk about since we don't really see each other. It sucked being in different college. Oh well, this is the time where we miss highschool so much :/

The other day, I went to Marmalade with XM so this time , I went to Acme with Berniceetaytay.

we just did a new batch of RR photoshoot and I suppose this is one of the best collection of pictures taken because she looks so pretty. Now, please anticipate! 

With the iphone4s camera - was trying to see who take more artistic picture lol.

I swear there is no filter.

We chose the correct place.

I haven't been in a dark hair colour for a quite sometime. I just break my own promise to myself that I would only dye my hair twice this year and see what I had just done. It was said that Ridz Okumura was full when I wanna do it. I really can't stand my black roots and my fading going to orange hair colour.

I wanted to dye it total black so that I wouldn't have the black roots problem but the stylist told me that nomatter what it will still fade to dark brown so, he chose me dark maroon shade colour. I just want my hair to grow longer so that I could fix my hair at the back. I don't want my hair to be layer already. It's so thin now ):

I realized that how I do my make up and dress is always based on my hair colour. 

hm, i should dye it green then can pretend to be bird shit wtfbbq.

Okay, back to where we are~

Light-as-Air Pavlova.

Yes, it's totally light and sweet. 

Trust me, it's a girl kind of desset.

Tiraamisu Sandwich.

Just with a cookie crumble based and ALL cream cheese. yes, ALL. They don't even have any cake inside. Trust me, it's really good.

Coffee Art Macchiato .

Not too heavy, not too light.

It's quite pricey and I was complaining like some stingy aunty until I took a sip. I immediately shut up, after that.  

Nothing beats to a good coffee with a good companion, in a good ambiance coffee shop.

I told you, I practice on wink alot nowadays :)

Totally like my make up here.

I never knew I could put off with my waterline drawn.

This is a total mess of coordinate. But don't you love my armcandddy? 

Apparently this is one of the best out of 10247132589721305610358 taytay have take for me -.-

And to all of you who have been missing her , please follow her on instragram and ask her to camwhore -.- I don't know why she doesn't camwhore either -.- She is weird.

How many -.- have I used.

Oh well, 

I can't believe we only took ONE picture.

Can't wait for more coffeeee break!