Thursday, April 4, 2013

Everyday with hope.

It was a friday , I remembered. 

How much I have neglected my blog , huh?

Instead of hitting the nightclub like the most college student do , now I often stayed at home and do my errands. Speaking of it, I'm suppose to start studying and I guess I am not doing it anytime soon. My hatred for a levels is too much because it's eating my all my time, practically taking my life away. To think back, it's true that people say I am never a person for this course. And the stubborn me will always want to prove people wrong.

I went ching beng in the morning and everything literally ends at 1230pm.

My family and I was like - what are we going to do the rest of the day?

We , the LIMs really wakes up after 1 or 2 pm everyday during weekends. And we all sleep at 4am , wtf. All of us will be making so much noise even if it's midnight. HBO movies, people! LOL

Oh well, Iphone 4s front camera -.-

I just think it's unnecessary for me to change to iphone5 even if the front camera is awesome. That's me being vain in the middle of the jam . I really hate it when it rains . It made the jam so much worse than it should be. 

I pick XM up and we head to bangsar for a coffee break.

Oh well, me and my coffee break lol.

Ended up in Marmalade in Bangsar Village after walking around to search for a nice cafe. No joke. I swear we really walk the whole way and even went to JUICE KL , lol. We gave up because I was whining. I don't wanna sweat TT

Look at those whipped creaaaaam, goossssssh.

Craving satisfied! :)

Scones is one of my favorite pastry :)

Look how tired my eyes are.

And it's sick that my eyes is uneven. The 'one big one small' eye is so obvious that I couldn't even hide it. I should learn how to use photoshop, really.


I was showing her how EGO works, lol.

If you haven't read my post about it, click here !

She told me that, people that hang out too much will eventually look a like .

It's weird how we slowly have the same smile and eyebags LOL.

I honestly think this picture is perfect with the white teeth and eyebags LOL.

I think this should be the 'best friend' picture of ours.

How do you like my simple make up of the day?

I tried filtering to achieve the very dreamy effect though , lol. 

And, I really don't know how to do a review on my blog about make up. I can't do vlog because I sucked in videos. My voice is as deep as pacific ocean and I don't know how people think that I am that squeaky kind of person. You know I'm nothing close to sweet, don't you? * arch brows.*

God, I sound like a killer or something.

Nostrils LOL.

This is my ootd !

I'm glad that I can finally look good in simple.

I used to be fatter than this and I can never wear shorts or any shirt that is lose enough to make me look casual. If I do, I look disgusting. I just think it's not nice wearing loose clothes even more when I'm already 'big' enough. Though, still big. I wanna try to work on it , no matter how much it's killing me. And at times like this, I only need positive comments.

I had enough things to put me down already and I certainly don't need it anymore.

My favorite casual bag! Best bag I have ever bought out of 19264129456190471 bags I have lol.


Last attempt of sweetness I want to pretend that I have before I sign off.