Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Living My life.

I am now, literally resting at home since my past events was hectic. I don't know why my views actually increase when I blog about where I go and what I do. I guess you guys really love to read about what I do , heh?

Oh well, when my college reopen - this will be all over.

I wouldn't put on anymore make up and actually find my sweet time to choose my ootd. I threw away so many clothes especially my dresses. Not exactly throw but just gave it away since I will never wear them again or it doesn't fit me anymore. I do share clothes with my sisters but I don't think they can accept some of them because they are more to casual attire or the swaaaaag style. Last time I was so much of a girl .
Right now, I don't even know what kind of clothes I like. I just want to have something comfortable and presentable.

In a very materialistic side of me, I kinda like seeing my money hanging in my closet but of course, I'll want them myself LOL.

So we decided to hang out at Kev's condo because going to the malls is too mainstream .

Not exactly that actually. We just want a peace of mind because the mall is too noisy. I hate how cafes are still noisy. Noisy as in, the noise of the crowd on the market street bargaining. No joke. I really like quiet environment so I can talk to my friends. I don't wanna yell across when they are just inches away.

So, we settled down for a homecook dinner and lazy slumber hang out session.

I cooked -.- 

yes, I cooked.

Omg, I look like a freaking mother. So old and oily wtf.

Just simple spaghetti. Forget about carbonara because I know I'm going to screw it up.

I put luncheon meat instead of other because it tasted better. I swear it does. I took the sausages in his fridge and throw it in too. 

I don't know about you guys but I like it a little sour.

We were literally searching high and low for the sugar and we can't find it. I can't believe he can't find it when  he stays there. Plus, he doesn't have a maid -.-

Oh well, I had two bowls because I was too hungry. #pigwillalwaysbeapig enough said.

Those selca with my food picture but The food doesn't really look nice.. 

Yo to mah eyebags.

I love how perfect our smile is.. it's like so happy and light. As if there are no worries in the world. :)

When it's around 6/630pm and the weather gets a little more chilly , we decided to head outside. To talk about life and such.

Good scenery , good beer and good companion.

Honestly, what more can you ask for?

If you want to shisha, no worries - I have EGO with me all the time like 24/7. It's awesome that I'm actually carrying a bong everywhere I go. They work as e-ciggs but it's like shisha to me because I can actually choose my flavor. Not addicted but I just bring them and whenever I feel stressed then I will have it .

Life is really hard sometimes.

We are only young once, so live your life to the fullest.