Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The first.

What's up!

I really love my contact lens and I wish I have enough pictures to blog about where I got all my lens from, these two years. I only started to put on colour / cosmetic lens since two years ago after I leave highschool because I realized how much it changes my look and make me look less crooked eye. I have a little lazy eye when I stare at something in a long time and I'm pretty afraid that it would get worse though.

Look how pretty my eyes look even without any eye make up. ps self praise is no praise lol. 

But I am emphasizing on how the contact lens changes me, oh well.

On a friday , I actually went to lakeside to place a booth wanting to clear up my stocks . Unfortunately, there isn't anyone on fridays because people normally doesn't have classes on fridays . I can't say that the sales is pretty bad but it just didn't meet up my expectation. I just hated the fact I sit under the rain . Even if there's a shed, it's still raining.

It's my first time and overall, it's actually fine.

I don't think I want to place booth anywhere soon unless there is people helping me, though.

I was quite surprise there are people whom actually come over to check us out. I didn't expect there is any previous customers to come and visit but oh well, it made me feel really great that RR have loyal customers. 

we are all from RR without any make up.

You can see how tired and bad we look.

Without these girls, I don't even know how RR could actually survive the way through. How much I want to share more dreams I have with them. The companion actually works a way in achieving things. And trust me that, you really need people to bring you up instead of thinking of how to pull you don't every single time.

I have more than just two of them and I feel blessed.

Thus, those who comes in and leaves my life after a while - I would hold the door for them. If they decides to leave, they are never worth the time . We shouldn't just waste their time either. I'm sick of watching people leave. I'll watch running man instead lol.

We have perfect teeth *peace sign*

This is a different kind of experience I have gain.



So please visit RR .

lots of loves.