Sunday, April 7, 2013

As day goes by.

Holidays have been so well and I am almost out everyday. Ate more than usual and have my coffee break , feeling satisfied. I am not sure since when I am having this habit but I really love to drink caffeine-based drink. It's either macchiato or cappuccino. 

My favorite is still DOME . 

Their cappuccino is really awesome and they have sizes to choose from. Some of the cafe serve such big portion that I almost get a fever the next day , feeling all heat-y and such. 

I guess this was tuesday .

Loving my super glam ring from Diva. 

It may look exaggerating or such but it definitely bring the dull outfit up. I'm really going casual nowadays so accessories is a must.


My leather bag is so awesome! ahhhh!

Colourful skull bracelet from Raqul Reed :D

So pavillion it is.

And it's really quiet during the weekdays. I hate it when the mall is all noisy. Midvalley is apparently the worse. There's always no parking and it is as if the everyone in the state just goes there. I haven't been to midv during the weekdays though. During weekends , it is just insane. I hate how I need to spend an hour to look for a parking space. It's even more annoying that they don't even have space even if I want to part at jockey or the Gardens. But Midv has everything wtf. Okay, dilemma. I'm now eating up my own words lol. 


You realize how my face is? It's as if my face shape is changing and it's getting ugly each day. My feature seemed to shrink. My eyes are getting smaller each day TT

This is the ever first time I try out colour coordinate and it's not that bad though. 

My love for colour blazers are growing each day , goddd.

Yes, I absolutely have no problem - standing in the middle of the day for a picture. 

Thick face ttm , I tell you LOL

Watched GIJOE and Olympus has Fallen in a row and I immediately have headache once I stepped out of the cinema.

Tbh, GI JOE is nothing compare to Olympus has Fallen. I watched GIJOE first . After both the movies, I only remember the storyline in Olympus has Fallen. 

I don't know about you girls but I don't really like romantic fluffy movies like 500 days of Summer , twilight and genre same as what I had mentioned. I don't hate them but I don't really know how to appreciate them . If I chose, I'd rather go for action or thriller that involve blood and killing and shooting...and all the violent things. 

Yes, I actually like them.

Oh well, I guess this is something unexpected but I am not those girls that would go mad about a specific character in fluffy movies though.

I heard that 50 shades of grey is going to be acted in a movie. I hate reading even if people tell me how nice the book is. So in the end, I asked people who read it - the whole series , to tell me what happened. And, are they going to act the rated scenes out. Maybe they are but...Malaysia is going to cut them or it's forbid to air in the country.

 Either way, I said I like violent things - didn't I? * brows*


Hang out at La Bodegaaa...


Coffee break at The Loaf in Pyramid with aunty. 

Had a bad outfit day and I only realized it when I look in the mirror in the mall. Aish. So no ootd. 

Cute anot?

Cos I purposely widen my eyes and camwhore HAHAHAHA.

Inspiration in my fam. Meet my aunty who looks younger than me -.-