Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I am sure that I have mention about this in my page for a few times . I am quite stubborn when it comes to clothes I want to wear . I don't usually listen to other people's opinion when it comes to clothes. I just wear whatever I want to , even if people point at my face and tell me the piece doesn't look nice. Some of the clothes just looks nicer when you put them on instead of seeing them on the shelves and I love how everytime I prove them wrong , all the time. No, I don't think I'm a fashionista. I'm just stubborn when it comes to things where I like and I don't like. I mark a line inbetween them , VERY clearly.

I don't usually go for brands all the time and after all - it's not about the brand, it's all about the style . Style is something where people will look at that piece of clothing and immediately think of you. And only you know you look good in that way. But of course, I would think that it's good to be all skinny and wear every single thing. 

I just feel sick of people who go all for branded items all the time and think that there are the fashionista. No, it's not just that way. If you don't look good with that item, then you don't. Carrying something that expensive and not suitable for you, to me - it's just like another piece of ordinary thing in your wardrobe. 


I do like expensive things. And if I want it, I make sure I would either like it so fucking much that I would die for it and I look at least 'not terrible' in it. Of course so far , I haven't go until the extend of spending all my savings on a piece of clothing yet. Earning money is not easy even if I love seeing them hanging in my closet.

I used to not have not more than 8 tshirts. I only buy dresses , fancy tops and bottoms. 


I know THIS exist.

Tees , sweaters to me is a whole different story and I am a fan of this brand. I actually paid in pounds and ship them all the way from the UK. It's just sick how people could get them so easily now. It used to be so special and limited, oh well at least in Malaysia.

Either way, my love for BOY LONDON never ease. 

This is my first piece of cropped sweat.

It's sad how they only come out with full sweaters now ):

I instagram their coordinates EVERY single day without fail because I love them this much!

This is the latest collection of crop top TT


It's amazing how it can be all girly too.

If you have like their page on FB, you should know how awesome the page is. 

I love how they actually update a few pictures from people who wear their clothes. And ALL of them seemed to be so artistic. I am sorry for myself that I do not dare to try out coordinate like them though. If I do, people will stare at me when I'm walking to the streets . Oh god, I'm not ready to die young lor!

And here's some pictures which I really love from the page.

They are all girls! *Wink*

bad girl RI RI!

Tell me who doesn't love her! She's so amazing.

Pretty , isn't she?

You can visit her web at www.japanesefly.blogspot.com

She's beautiful and fashionable. She is one of the people I stalk everyday . Her name is Paula , btw! :)

Elevator madness, for the boys *horny pedo smile*


Love this picture .

Oh god, she's hot .

Sorry, I look at girls more than guys lol.


She is a japanese jewelry designer.

If I could look so amazing in starbucks...

love this.

God, she's beautifully swagging all the way out for BOY

And how can you not love BOY LONDON?

For me, 
I love it so much that I am willing to spend everything on it.

And the price is pretty much affordable compared to a Chanel handbag. :)

I was at the Coffee Bean, catching up with my friend .

Oh well,
this is something little about me.

Don't leave , readers.

you know i love you :)