Friday, April 5, 2013

To the Swag.

Those random days where you just feel like swagging all the way~

I was actually stuck in a jam , oh well. 

How messy my hair is and for the first time, I like my split ends LOL.

How do you love my red shades.

I think I have a thing for shades now, I can't stop collecting them and honestly, I think it's one of the accessory that matters alot ot me especially when I don't have any make up on. You don't know how good this tool is when you're desperate to camwhore and you look terrible. With them covering those eyebags ( oh god, it's like a package now wtf) , then with a little filter here and there then the picture can still be presentable one LOL.

And here I am with my

One of a Kind Tee in white.

God, my face so freaaaaking round like a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll.

It's amazing how G to the D makes us look simple printed word tee with just a song and his style of clothing. Though I think his swag-ness is too much for me to take, no doubt that his apparels are always in trend and making everyone jealous. 

And, I think white based isn't that bad though. OOAK in Black is always the first choice but the white one was okay too.

If you're interested , please click HERE .

It may be pre-order and of course, it would eat up sometime but it's definitely worth it. Place your order soon, alright? :)

Tell me you love my purple based retro nails :D

Peaaaaace out.