Monday, April 15, 2013


What's up?

This would be just some random post like usual with my face.  Besides that, I just want to show off my new which I have been waited for 3 weeks because I chose the cheapest shipping. I won't be so mad to spend like a hundred on the shipping because I want the items to come so soon. I'm quite patient when it comes to waiting unless I need to wear the item tomorrow, lol.

So this time as a reward to myself for working so hard for my shops, 
I chose Chrome Hearts.

The only way for me to go on and not to give up when things get rough is this. I would always strike when I think of buying something right after. And all this items, I work hard for it ok! :D

It was just a random dinner date with friends.

I wanted this to be on instagram until I see my twiter bottle which is at the right edge of the picture. Stupid.

Never knew a plain tee would cost me so much.  But it's indeed comfortable. Or maybe, it was raining that day. If this is wore in the afternoon, I would die - I swear.

One thing about chrome hearts is they surprises you at the back. 

My camwhore level is beyond imagination :p

That's me trying so hard to snap a pic of my back because there is noone at home TT

And, I still have time to burn.



But I lost this angle wtf.

And DaORae for dins .

It was spontaneous.

I absolutely love soup like this with rice and the good thing is, they don't have any kimchi inside unless you order kimchi jigae.

I don't like kimchi and I am also allergy to it.

I pity those people who like the food and is allergy to it. In my case, I'm quite lucky. Ah! I'm carving for this awesome hot soup again now .


Which is like RM30 wtf.

God, this is heaven.

How much of you like Korean food because of the food , and not because your bias in the kpop world is eating them?


I'm now thinking whether I should get a white tee .

I'm a slave when it comes to these.