Friday, November 16, 2012

Nothing much.

Just a short update with pictures from my phone. 

I think my camera have been covered with dust ever since BB's concert. I don't really use it anymore. It's even more troublesome to transfer the picture from the camera to my comp. I'm already so lazy with my phone, I don't think I bother to do that with my camera either. 

I have been very stressed out & my exam is over. I don't even know why I am feeling so tense up, even over little things. It's not healthy but I just couldn't help it.

So I went to a Japanese style like spa in PJ , as recommended by my friend 



Look at those eyebags .

And the other day , I was SS-ing in pyramid's toilet. 

Went over to get some pants since I have none.  I didn't know pyramid change their toilet bowl. I was like : EH SO MANY BUTTONS ONE. lol.

Little black dress!

I dare to camwhore everywhere . I don't really care if people is looking at me, lol. Thick face level x1000000000 

The boy london tees all the way from U to the K.

I am never a tshirt kind of girl . There's a period of time I always have tshirts and long jeans but then, my dad said it's too tomboy-ish so he buy me more girly kind of outifit and then - I never touch tshirt again. I don't even have polo tees or maybe one or two for my driving classes. Then, I never touch them again. I guess I should go get some - in other to have all kinds of outfit, lol.

I really love BOY LONDON - it's like swaaaaaag.

The dip dye pastel shorts from PASTEL SHORTS - a facebook page. 

I really love the colours though and the service is really good. The best part is where , they are on time. They told me that I would receive it by 10 or 11 and really - they arrive at 10! I never really shop online because I have my own supplier and moreover, Raqul Reed is here . But I really want shorts like this so yeah, I went and purchase it. Thanks to Manda for sending me this page.

I got the shorts and I'm planning to find a high waist dip dye shorts with studs. Sound good?

Unrelated picture out of nowhere , lol.

But I love the picture of TOP so much. Yes, it's TOP and I know it doesn't look like him. He always look fierce and scary, no? Look at the picture above - it's so angelic *put palms together*
He put on so much weight , lol!

I still love him with his tight leather red skinny jeans * wiggle brows* 

I swear November is the luckiest month.

I added Garb Age - which is a online boutique quite long ago then the owner approach me and ask me to join a contest by easily share and like the picture so I did it twice to show some support. 
and unexpectedly,
I was chosen to be the winner! 

I wasn't sure what the price is but I'm really happy to be the winner though.

Believe me or not,
I never have luck in lucky draws -.-

Oh well,
I guess after the wink from TOP change my fate ...... :D

Last paper on the 12 and I just simply do because I can't wait for it to be over. I just want to get home and sleep. 

this is how I actually look like originally.

My power is 600+ and 800+ .

You don't know how thick and heavy my glasses are. I'm practically blind when I don't have my specs or lenses on. I can't even see the person's face even if he or she is just an arm away.

Remember I have mention in this post ?

I wanted to buy a sport shoe or just shoes to match with my casual outfit. And so - as mentioned, I decided on the leopard print ones. I wanted the floral design but there aren't any size of available and I really think it's too girly for me and so - leopard print it is.

I can't believe that I really spend half of my own earnings after IDK how long on that shoe. Honestly, I can still feel the pain in my heart when I recall the time where the promoter swap my card. 

This shoe cost me 690 bucks.

It's like,
690 BUCKS!

I can buy so many dresses, heels , make up and even head to penang for a holiday omgwtfbbq TT

But to think at the bright side,
at least I've gotten myself something I want in such a long time and not spending my dad's money. To think back, this is just a reward for myself for all my hard work. 

So I guess, 
it's worth the price.

Till then.