Friday, November 23, 2012


Shamelessly promoting goods from RR!

Click here!

So this is one of my favorite earrings from Wish collections of accessories in RR!

Skull design! 

And it's only RM 5 each pair! : )

Skull Clutch from RR and apparently it's the best selling item , for this collection.

Don't worry , bad girls! 

I'm restocking it :D

Don't you think it's so bad ass! And you don't know how much alike it is with Alexander McQueen. I don't even know that it's under CLUB 21 wtf. I used to think that only AX is under club 21. All these expensive branded goods, sigh.

I'll only stick with my cheap goods with GOOD quality of course.

Only RM42 -.- WTF SO CHEAP.

I can act cute too! :D

How short can my update be, seriously.