Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This Love.


This is my aunty and I wearing matching GDTOP hoodies to movies , taken by my sister while we were choosing our flavor of popcorns.

No, she's not wearing mine though.

She actually bought one herself because she thinks it's cool - and TOP is cool :3

I realize that I haven't been wearing dresses or something feminine anymore. 

Maybe because I don't have any event or just pure laziness but I realize that, those dresses that I've bought are slowly going to waste since I have no chance to wear it. I'm that kind of person that will buy something to match with my outfit on purpose if not, I wouldn't wear it out. Call me crazy or what - but I do that, all the time. Just because I don't have a pair of earrings to match with this dress or a handbag colour that goes well with the dress , I would just choose another dress. Crazy eh?

One thing about me,
I am not that kind of person that like to buy footwear and honestly, I wear slippers ALL THE TIME. Yes- ALL THE TIME. 

I buy alot of colours of flipflops. I am so used to wearing that , that I don't even bother to search for my flats or my wedges to match with them. Honestly, I do not have a lot of foot wear and I threw away all the heels that I don't wear anymore. I think I should stop buying slippers/flipflops and buy more footwear that match with my clothes. 

I'm more to loose top with shorts , long jeans or leggings kind of thing. Maybe some of them would pair with the skirts I have in my wardrobe and so yeah - it's kind of casual or sporty kind of stuff. Some of my pairings made it look like I'm wearing it to sleep - tbh, I acknowledge that but I'm too lazy to just change or choose another outfit so I would just go out with that despite how many people staring at me on the road.

Sometimes, I just want to be comfortable and carefree.



I would actually mentally slap myself or scold myself for being lazy. HOW CAN I EVEN MATCH SUCH NOT MATCHING CLOTHES OUT AND DARE TO WALK ON THE STREET TT 
I would actually think THRICE before heading out but if I still remain that way, it means that something had made me feel so give up about myself.

I'm quite a sensitive person although I put on a poker face acting like it didn't matter but honestly, it hurt me and infact, it would stay in my mind for a quite sometime. I would just take that remark or comment and then start to insult myself , count my flaws from head to toe then make myself going to sleep with a heavy heart.I know it's unhealthy but it's impossible to take comments and insults that hits the soft part of you and act like nothing is wrong. It's really sickening how the world is now. 

The world demand for perfection so much and yet, they have the quote like - 'NOBODY IS PERFECT' .

I feel like those inspiration quotes are just lies wrap with present paper to make us feel better. In the end when we open it up, it still hurt us and make us feel worse.

why did it get so emotional anyway.

And so,
since I've been wearing so casually . I'm planning to actually get a pair of sneakers of sport shoe to match with them leggings or so. I know that you guys will be like - HUH? CARMEN WEAR SHOES . But yeah, I'll start to wear something that cover up my toe . I'll try to shake off the slipper image I have in me from god knows how many years ago. 

I went through quite a lot of sites and I found out that Jeremy Scott's designs are the best ! Adidas ftw. Honestly, I never really like Nike or Puma shoes because their designs are always the same in colour. But ADIDAS HAVE SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF PRINTS TT

I think the Wing design of Adidas is too much because if I walk on the street with that , everyone would be like O.O 

the wings design one is really really pretty!

these few caught my eye


Aren't they pretty?

But unfortunately,
they don't have my size TT  

Their max is size 39 fml . I wear at least, Size 40/41 . Sigh, I really want them though. It's so cute and feminine ! They even have the blue based floral one but I didn't save the picture down ):

Leopard Prints.

I have a thing for leopard prints and a quite a number of my skirts , dresses are leopard prints but I seldom wear them out since my friends said the designs are too 'kuajiong' AND I DON'T HAVE HEELS TO MATCH WITH IT FML.

That shows how much I need to buy more footwear.

Maybe, i should just buy the leopard print one then :3