Monday, November 19, 2012

As the day goes.

High Tea & Some shopping time with Jacinth & Mingli from the other day at Pavillion. 

Hi Tea at TWG

and ,

I swear the tea is not enough for me! I just think that drinks are essentials for hi-tea.


I deleted my favorite photo of that day then got all emo .

accessories of the day.

How do you like my Angel Wing Ring?

Can't wait to bring them into RR :)

Just simple and casual make up and outfit. I was so lazy to run through my closet. Oh well, my attention are all on accessories now.

And to H&M

Don't manage to get anything though.

I wanted to buy the aztec dress and it was only 60 ringgit . The thought of me clashing it with other people cut the thought of buying off. Is it just me - I don't like to clash outfit with people because they normally wears it better than me TT So , I gave up on the thought. I saw a number of people camwhore with this dress and bought it & that's the only reason I can convince myself that it's fine to miss it out.

I wish I bought it instead.

I am a lazy blogger, I know.