Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scars that never heal.

Why do you still add a smiley face after every sentence when you're talking to her ? Why do you still speak to her like nothing is wrong when she make you wait every night? Why do you still like all her pictures?
 Why do you still treat her as one of the best thing that had ever happened in your life when she clearly broke you apart?

Why do you pretend like you don't know anything about me when I told you everything? Why do you make it like you don't know how I used to feel? Why do you not talk to me like how you talk to her like nothing was wrong? Why do you treat me like I was nothing when I was there to help you? Why do you just leave when I was the one who listen , to be there for you when you're hurt? 
Why do you treat me like I am trash when I almost gave everything up for you? 

Why do you treat her so nicely when she hurt you and treat me like I'm invisible when I was the one who tried to fix you?


Is she that good?

Is she so much better?

Is she that worth it?

Am I that bad?

Am I not good enough?

Am I that worthless?

Am I that bad compare to her?

That bad ... that you don't want us to talk even if we could be just normal friends?

ps - 
You're the reason behind all my hard work . You're the reason that I'm so insecure about myself. All I want is , you to be proud of me one day . To be proud to have someone like that in your life , just like how you show towards her..