Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sad Tango.


Just a short update today because I'm rushing.

So after exam, 
we have decided a last minute dinner plan at bangsar. We as in Kevan, ChinKeat , MingLi and I. To look back from year 2009 to 2011 - the four of us always hang out together. I mean, we always go everywhere together and even spend new years eve and Christmas eve together. 

It's sad that we hang out less now, despite the fact that we are in the same college. 

we still keep in touch once in a while though. 

Head to pyramid for a little while to COD with some buyers. I still remember it was raining so heavily!

I think - my make up didn't suit me. 

Oh well,
I should stick to the usual routine.

And settle down at Alexis , Bangsar.

That dinner ruined me, I swear. Sigh.

MingLi and I.

The usual outfit of the night post!

Cardigan from Idk where ( it was like 3 years ago)
Dress from F21.
Flats from Brands Outlet ( 2 FOR 75 SUMORE TT)
Clutch - *secret* :D

It was a great catching up session after all! I totally love the environment in Bangsar : )

Mint Green Nails! : )

Bye love!