Monday, January 11, 2010

There are many people on this world but, I could only see you.

School's great today , full of laughter .
Awesome classmates with stupid ideas , HAHAHAH .
I've completed a part of my homework .
Yes, just a part of it . I shall just get back to it later .
I hate reading last time and now , I still do.

Okay I'm here to blog about Saturday .
Mahathir's farewell outing & party at his place.
and , there it goes.

Woke up early , got dress up
then headed to Sunway Pyramid .
Met XiuMing & Jarald up , then cynthia came
like after so long . I think she went around the parking lot. =p

Waited for the Mahathir's gang and so .
Seriously , damn alot people came and it look really scary.
Well , at least they always make it for each other
which is a very good thing after all .

Headed to Naeb , to shisha .
Four pipes .

Girls , in toilet : )

Mahathir and his gang went back to prepare
and so , we still wonder around in Pyramid.
Find a place to camwhore and yes , it's successful.
We have so many pictures .
Check it out in facebook :)

The new 'Loser' pose .

Cynthia left then headed to fullhouse
to get my nerdy nerdy specs that I wanted long time ago.

Went back to change
then to Mahathir's house.

sho cute lor !

Ate then stone for a little while .
Party mood wasn't there yet
and was emoing but after awhile ,
everything get back to the same again .

I know you like the specs =p

KahMing .


Lexus , Danial .


Jes Se.
i kinda like this picture :)

More than half of the people walked to Sunway Pyramid
to eat,shisha and those and left a few of us back at his place.
Went around the room , and everything.
Shit , I couldn't remember but the pictures will do.

Then people came back .
I learnt how to play Left4Dead
and I screamed and screamed then fall inside the hole
because the boys asked me to jump in
so I did then they laughed ! but, I didn't die.MUAHAHA.

I'm like 6 feet away from the tv then I keep moving nearer.
I was so panick and everything okay .
Then I shout , scream and everything .
They laughed at me and call me noob -.-
I am a beginner and they shouldn't laugh at me LOR !!

Okay, it was really fun .
I scolded the zombies , LOL !

more at the back of me , laughing at me -.-

Group pictures : )

Many people like this photo so am I :)

gay .

seriously gay.

super duper gay , omg

and ,

Mahathir's brother is really cute but they bully him :(

People left one by one .
I left around 1130pm or later .
Reached home and finally , home sweet home :)

camwhore ! : )

I likey this picture , I know you do too :)

I wanted to post up bout the trip to ZhiWei's house.
trip -.- sound like going zoo or something , lol .
Anyhow , I'm done with this post which I promise .
Yeah, my blog's boring .

xo .