Friday, January 29, 2010

Once it's broken , sorry means nothing .

Noob face :)

Hello and I know you miss me :)
Sorry not updating these few days ,
I was busy ? -.-

Well , not many people read my blog anyways.

School have been okay , I guess.
Everything is the same like everyday .
As usual , kena zha like crazy in class TT

My week have been awesome , I guess .
Monday sad , Tuesday happy , Wednesday sad ,
Thursday happy , Friday sad -.-
Well , very fair I think .
Forget about it .

Oh, I changed my place .
I'm sitting at the last row , right in the middle
and that place sucks because I couldn't see the whiteboard
and it's frigging cold.Plus , I didn't really talk
unless I shout across to talk to KahMing and all .

Anyhow , pictures in the lab .

fail .

Ming :)

A very retarded picture but I still want it up here.

It's the best time to take pictures in the lab.
I kinda lost my camera a few days ago ,
I just couldn't find it so no camwhore.
So today, I spend sometime looking for it
and it was inside my drawer , like wth.

I was searching high and low for it .
End up, it's in the drawer beside me .
Bloody pissed off lor.

Went out for awhile to do some CNY shopping
and it fail very badly. I just got one shirt.
ONE. I repeat, ONE. OMG D:

I'm really happy that you like what I did for you and couldn't deny that , that day is very memorable.You didn't know the behind the scenes fully but I did put effort too and just a little bit disappointed that you agree when I say , mine couldn't compare to others.You can see what others do for you, why can't you see mine? Then today , the routine comes again.Sigh , perhaps taking a break is a good thing to you.I requested it but now I'm regretting but I clearly knows that we need this break . Just one day and I miss you ):

But , don't worry because




for now ..