Saturday, January 2, 2010

Listen to My HeartBeat .

Pictures from gazillion years ago . Well, I just went through my pictures folder and I found these two and I don't think I've post it up before.Look at those cute japanese mamee kind of thing.Sigh, since a long time I've talk to my grandoter :(

The second day of 2010.I've spend my day at The Curve and Ikea.Supposed to get ready for school but end up , didn't get anything for school.I should go and get some things for school.I can't believe school is starting already.I'm still in a holiday mood.School should start 2 weeks later or something but I couldn't wait for CNY and this year's one falls on Valentine's Day.Do you think it's a good timing? It's like, you need to go visit your relatives and then rush to meet your partner.

I wanna buy hairclips , bling bling hairclips just for fun =p