Friday, January 8, 2010

You're my heartbreaker , I'm your troublemaker .

I know it've been a long time since I updated
with tons of pictures and those .
Well actually not very long , just a few days =p

First week of school is really tiring .
Form 4 is really tough for us , heh.
Er,maybe only me because I don't understand
what teacher is teaching in class .
I tried to pay attention okay and Idk why also TT

I'm in Delta now and it was really okay.
Sometimes , it's really quiet until I cannot stand.
How can people not talk for an hour straight.
The lips must be sticking together already .
if you get what I mean :)

Yesterday , I brought my camera to school .
Camwhored with friends and those
and it was really fun :)

I hate double periods .

One and half an hour studying the same thing ,
looking at the same teacher . Can die .
So far , Moral is the best subject
because we have a cool teacher xD
Other subject is like , wth man .

I was trying to camwhore TT

Didn't go down during break and so ,

i likey : )

Screw Physics .
I don't even understand a shit .
And , I couldn't contact my tuition teacher .
How can I even live without her man .
I need her back if not my report book will be in red.

I know red is a very pretty colour
but, I don't need it in my report book.
But, I don't think school's printing it in red right?
shit , what am i talking about -.-

Add maths class : )

Don't blame us .
Teacher was really busy and we were very boring :)


Time pass really quickly in school, sometimes.
In the morning , we were complaining that time is so slow
but then after awhile, the bell ring and we're ready to
go home already , with tons of works to do .

Sometimes , I don't get it how does those work help us.
It's like we're copying the same thing from the textbook
to our notebook , just that we simplify it .
Why so much work ? Read from the textbook lah -.-

Today was a lucky day and an unlucky day .
Both the same time .

Bio double period were in the lab
and Ms Voo is my teacher .
Look at her face already so sien .
Somemore she's teaching , can die can die.

We camwhored and yeah , kahming and others were
doing some sort of drama thing which made us
have a very good laughing time , lol.

My camera flash was on and yes,Ms Voo caught us.
XiuMing passed her camera instead of mine .
But thankgod , she got it back later one .

Soft Cover Notebook is out of stocks again.

Sometimes people just talk without thinking .
They give their comments without knowing any shit
and it hurt another person .
Talk all you want but when someone do it to you ,
stfu and don't complain because you did that before.
If you don't want people to do that to you ,
then don't do it to other people .

That's what I think .

I hate being zha-ed but what can I do about it, right ? :)
It's okay being zha-ed.

The worst is ,
when people zha-ed you and you don't know
then they start laughing at you :(

Busy busy weekend .

I know you miss me , if I don't update . LOL