Monday, January 4, 2010

The smile on your face already told .


How's the first day of school ?

Mine was okay , I guessed . I'm a Deltarian now and my classmates were okay. Sat near the boys and they made hell lot of noise but yeah, that's the way it should be.It's the first day of school and teacher claimed that I'm noisy already , XiuMing too. Every teacher is so boring and I feel so sleepy for the whole day except for the camwhoring part when teacher is talking. I like the feeling of faster-hide-the-camera-before-teacher-caught-us.Many people have the plan of changing class and I really do hope some of them could change to mine, tho. Actually compare to all the other classes , my class is really okay.At least, we have noise. Okay, I do miss some of my old classmates but nothing is gonna stay forever so yeah .

The assembly was hell long , today and I was so panick when they called out our names one by one and put us in the class.My heart is like .. gr , I can't even explain that feeling.It's even more scarier when you're on rollercoaster or something.They shouldn't even do that , okay. They should have stick the thingi on the notice board and it will be so much better. 2 new class infront of the staffroom this year and, those people who will be in that class is really sad.

I just read back my post and I don't think I know how to blog anymore TT

Well , don't give up on me . I'll be back =p