Sunday, January 24, 2010

I looked into your eyes and wonder , why are you lying .

Just transferred pictures from the camera
and I did a little homework ytd since internet was down, pfft.
I didn't complete it all because idk how to do D:
It's okay , I'll be in school tmr early morning anyway . =p

I feel so sick , lately and I hate the feeling .
I feel so moodless , as in very moodless.
If you get what I mean D:

Leftover picture from school : )

The Monday Shirt : )

Don't ask .

And these below are from Sook's birthday celebration , in school.

Friday after school, went to pappa rich with the girls
then followed Yuhung & ChinKeat to The Street Cafe.
After that, headed to FTZ to meet xiuming and people up.
I tried to play DotA and I died and I still don't know -.-
Then XiuMing laughed at me cos she killed me
and I didn't know then still , shouting WHY CAN I MOVE .
Okay, that's really embrassing and I give up, in the end.

L4D , then and it was fun .
People start killing each other instead of the zombies , tsk tsk.

Slept real late on friday , around 430am
and gotta wake up early around 730am , to get to school.

Yesterday , woke up around 730am .
Gr, thanks to KahMing -.-

Washed up, eat breakfast and headed to school.
Did some decoration in class .
Put some glitter glitter thing on stuffs
and end up, glitter was all over my pants and face.
Didn't bother much and continue doing.
And, it turns out to be ugly ftw .

Teacher brought us homecook Nasi Lemak : )

It was incredibly yummy .
Ate and everything then headed back to class
and did a little bit more of decorations.

Continued with the glitter thing.
Okay , it was more shiny-er than ever , lmao.
Yuhung came , real late -.-

And wrapped presents : )


Okay la , I cheat one lar.
I didn't do the ribbon but Yuhung did .
At least , I wrapped the colour paper lor !

Pictures : )

I only wrapped one of it , fml.
Others are done by the others -.-
I was doing the glitter glitter thing before it
and when I wanna 'help' , it was done lol.

Around 11am or so ,
KahMing,XiuMing,Yuhung & I headed to AC.
Just before that ,

We went to toilet .
Not together okay , the boys were so long
so I went in and look for them ,
they were looking at the mirror .
tsk tsk , when vanity strikes .

And I never been to school's boys toilet
soI was so excited , wtf .
Okay Okay ,I shaddap :)

camwhore : )

Went to pool then and so and so and so.
I don't remember what happened .
Then went down to have lunch ,
after that , to ftz to L4D =p

yuyu : )

KahMing's guitar .

Yuhung , KahMing & I L4D .
And god, it makes me so kanjiong can .
Died real fast -.-

KahMing left then we stopped L4D-ing .
Yuhung went DotA with XiuMing & people.
I surf the net , like some loner.
I feel very lonely okay.

I don't get it why they look so stressed
and pissed and annoyed when they're dotaing.
I talked to yuhung but he didn't hear what I say
so I was like talking to the wall/floor/chair TT
Damn sad, can.

Rocky : )

Walked XiuMing back to school
then get back to AC to pool again.
Okay , I got owned by Yuhung really badly.

Reached home around 5pm or so .
Then helped out grandma to bake.
Was really trying to help
but end up, she kantoied me .

Then now , I'm sick .

YAY , I'M DONE ftw.

Ytd , I dreamt that I went Super Junior's Concert
and then I wake up then find out , it's just a dream.
Gr , so sad :(

Tomorrow is Monday
& I really really don't wanna go to school!

bye .