Friday, January 15, 2010

Because you always keep me turning back to you .

Hello , have you downloaded the song already?
I'm not emo anymore , I guess .
At least for this moment , alright .

School have been really great as I said.
Loving 4Delta and heard that many of the classmates
is changing school and going overseas tho
and I kinda hope their plan fail or something
so that , they can stay in SriKL till form 5.

this reminds me that I've so much homework.
I shall start tmr or something , or rush it on monday.
Form4 is definitely not a honeymoon year.
But, who cares as long as school's great.

and, I'm trying to be a nerd in school : )





Eugene looking at the camera :)

Have been bringing that specs and the heart-shaped one
that I wore to Halloween party to school and yes,
it have been passing around till I need to ask
where is it. Hey, both of that is not cheap okay.
Plus, I actually bought it for fun and to camwhore.
I know it's a waste of money but, I think it's useful
for maybe , a while ? LOL.

At least, I can bring it to school for my friends to camwhore

For the first time in my secondary life ,
I changed into PE clothes .
I only change during sports practise.
Didn't do anything, tho.

I hate add maths , end story.

Seriously, add maths is freaking hard.
Someone teach me , please :(

Ming : )

Before archini changed class ,
I've been playing with her iphone.
Tap Tap Revenge is definitely love
and then, out of nowhere I found this thing.
Love Calculator : )

So I tried ...

Why so little ?! Why so little?!
I tried five times and the first one was 21% and I didn't wanna accept the fact then, I try again then it increased to 35% then to 58% then 58% then 58% again.

If you are too stupid and don't know who is he.He's some hot fella in SHINee and yes, he's hot. ahhh :) okay I shaddap. :)

GeunSuk Oppa , the most :) I was trying again and again and thought it would be 90% or something but it remains the same .
GeunSuk Oppa, Saranghae : )

I know I don't really update about what I did in school and stuff.
I just don't know what to update about it
and I barely remember any shits that had happened.
But what I clearly remember is , the times when I'm getting emo,
the people made me laughed like crazy and forget about the
incidents that make me not happy for a while.
Well, at least better than nothing .

Will try to update about school tho .

And , visitors , don't leave me ! : (

It's Friday , today : )
I always look forward to weekends although I've no plans
but, I've plans tomorrow la. I wanna get enough rest,tho.

Facebook have been occupy my time , most of the time.
I can't stop joining groups and become a fan of it
because it's so true . As, in really true .

I have this idea to type out the groups
and fan clubs here but I realised that I've too many
and, I'm so lazy and everything
so let's just forget about it . =p

Camwhored : )

Checker top :)

I get mad very fast but I don't get mad for long,
especially to you : )

Tmr , KahMing's Early Birthday Party :)

Will try to take alot of pictures tmr !