Sunday, January 17, 2010

You mean everything to me , I'm nothing without you .

It took me gazillion years to upload these pictures up here
and i just pick a few to upload .
Yes, it's only a few up here .Check out the others in facebook.
I uploaded those pictures in facebook during midnight ytd
and tagged everyone too because I couldn't sleep.
My camera have the most pictures so yeah .
Just incase, everyone rush me D:

So yesterday was out Pyramid , again -.-
around 5pm or later . Met up with XiuMing,Jarald & ZhiWei.
Then spilt to get presents for KahMing then to Naeb again.
Didn't shisha tho .

Bitch : )

Then left Naed to get ice cream : )

The Cheesecake thingi flavor is really nice .
Shared with bitch : )

Stayed at Baskin Robins for quite sometime
then to Jusco to get mineral water and everything.
Then to Tony Roma's for dinner.

People were there and shit, I forget what happened -.-

Camwhored : ) as usual .

blur but I like : )

Somehow , Idk whose idea was this
and yes, it was really fun .
But those people who were sitting next table to us
or near to us were giving us a kind of look
but we couldn't bother that much and so..

LOL, i know :)

Then the food came . Fish&Fries

The lemon was so thick and it so hard to squeeze the juice out .

After food, chilled for awhile and everything.

The I start playing with the food and everything.
Like OMG, it's damn pretty okay : )

Number one .

Number twooo .

Number Threee.

All of them :)

Then, have this singing song part
and ZhiWei was shouting like some mad woman.
Pity my ears =p

Group picture : )

The we girls , start taking pictures again =D

I like .

Left that place , then to Naeb again -.-

we like :)

crazy shots :)

tap tap revenge !

I left around 11pm or so .
Reached home , watched tv , edit pictures
and post them up in facebook .
Slept around 530am , don't ask why .

Woke up around 2pm or so .
Did homework but I didn't complete everything
because I give up on add maths -.-
I shall just copy tmr from other people .
But at least, I have done 4 questions myself ftw.

I am so lazy to read the book thing
but I have to : (

Will be back .
Stop missing me , I don't want to sneeze that much xD

Lubb euuu orhhhxx :)

p.s imy :)