Friday, January 1, 2010

When you say nothing at all .


Hello 2010 =p

I spend the first day of year 2010 at home :(
It's okay . After this post, I shall just go youtube.
I feel so sad because I missed the live performance
of Fahrenheit on tv ytd night , sigh .
Calvin must be very cute ytd =p

Well , Have been out the last two days of the year 2009.
Everything ends and yes , a full stop for year 2009.

December 30, Wednesday .

Yuhung called around 1030am and I was still in my bed
then he walked over to my place from pyramid .
I took an hour or more to get ready then finally,
walk to pyramid around 1130am .

Met up with the others in arcade ,
then headed for lunch at full house .
The boys leave half way to McD , as usual -.-
We girls and Yuhung stayed in full house,
ordered stuffs and more people joined .

Then they left one by one .
Yes, we went separate ways .

Was suppose to go a movie but, didn't have the mood to.

Desserts and only the green tea flavored cake can make it .

Ya I know. That two black thing look like rabbit shit or whatever =p

After lunch , was still thinking bout joining them for movie
but MingLi texted and said, she'll be coming soon so yeah.
Still, didn't go for movie but end up in Tarbush , shishaing.
MingLi came around 2pm or later then KahMing & Nik came
to join us, laughed our heads off then meet up with others
at the bowling centre .

Boys went for bowling and the girls wanted to go for pool
but unfortunately,we didn't get a table or so.
Stoned at the bowling place, watched the boys .
Talked and all those then, camwhore =p

Charl Yee sho cute !

Jas . She just came back from Korea , so jealous omg .

TianYang .


SookMun & I accompany MingLi to go get her shoe
then walk back to the bowling area
and,the rest of the girls don't know go where already TT

Went for pool and yes, it's so embrassing .
We were so noob till everyone was watching us
then give that evil smile and those , scary TT.

The girls came for awhile then left again.
We caught up with them then met the boys
at photobooth , playing basketball and hockey thing.

Donniena <3

Then to arcade and daytona was really fun.
Cursing all the way through the game , lol.
Nik and Justina keep banging my car , gr .
5 rounds of daytona . Justina owned thrice .
I got first place for the last game okay =D
Then KahMing , I guess .

People left one by one , again.
I don't understand why they don't say goodbye when they go -.-

Yuhung ,KahMing ,Nik and I headed to gasoline
but I didn't wanna eat there so headed to takoyaki
and have bubble tea and takoyaki ^^

Met them back up then to naeb.
Went home around 930pm .

Don't sleep at 6am and wake up at 1030am , look at those eyebags . Ugly, can die.

It's KahMing's shades , anyhow .

December 31 , Thursday .

MingLi reached my place around 4pm
and we started youtubing bout JangGeunSuk and stuff
then we went gaga over them .
Rushed the bitch like crazy and she's still at home!
So, we went to google the lyrics of the korean song
and tried to learn how to sing .The lyrics are in pinyin , of course.

Finally, ZhiWei reached around 6pm .
Got changed and stuff , then headed to Pyramid.

Couldn't make up our mind for dinner.
End up in Sakae SuShi and we were so full.
Walked around aimlessly and those .

Toilet Break .

MingLi suggested us to go to Yogur Berry
but then, it's already closed down
so we headed to Tutti Fruitti .
And, that place's really awesome .

They've different kinds of flavor of yogurt.
I mixed the original one with strawberry and kiwi
and yeah, it tasted really awesome .

I put abit in the cup , then i dip it and taste it first.
Maybe I don't like it ma so better taste it first =p

I took the original flavor alot then i pour back
into the small cup and we girls were laughing like mad cows.
Thank god that noone saw us doing that TT

Testing Testing : )

Eh bitch , this flavor not bad wei =p

Toppings =D

Yes, that's the coolest thing. You just need to pay it according to the weight. 5.30 per 100grams .

yummy =p

Start updating each other about life and all .
There's something we must do when we meet up.
Camwhore :)

I likey =p

I likey , too .

Don't ask me why I am doing the flower pose TT

Headed off to Tarbush .
Stoned there till 11pm or so .

Met up with ZhiWei's friends
then walked to so many different places.
After that to the rooftop to see fireworks .

Still remember last year , we went crazy over the spraying thing
and this year , we don't play that spraying thing anymore.
Maybe we shall do it next year . I mean, end of this year.
Hopefully the same people can make it =p

I have been having a great time ytd night :)
Just that, I didn't eat ice cream but at least, I've tutti frutti.

Finally done :)

p.s imy .