Thursday, March 31, 2016


Besides exploring other cities, food and catching up with friends is what I tend to do during holidays. It's funny how we don't appreciate meet ups back home when we are in the same place and being able to have the convenience to travel to meet up easily. I think it's true that we only appreciate things which is difficult to achieve - perhaps this is the human nature. 

Lately, I have been catching up with friends from highschool. We talked about how much how our lives have changed from highschool and the hardships we have been through to get where we are. Those hardships may not be as big as you've imagined but it pulls all of us through a battlefield to where we are now. We realized that we are all survivors from them and not a victim. I never agree to name ourselves victim when we have pull it through - no matter it was a bad relationship, dramatic friendship and things that makes you feel like a failure in life. 

From the conversations and catching up, I am so glad that all of us got better now. We improved from where we are and learned from our mistakes. All of us learned to understand that time doesn't wait and all things will pass. We start to appreciate the luxury we have right now compare to other people who may not have the chance of what we are having. I love how everyone I know grew to be grateful and blessed. 

" So, what do you exactly want to be in the future?"

I get that question a lot. I will answer what I want to do for a living, basically my career in future. Then I thought of it again - if that is what I really want to be. 

But lately, I found my answer to that question. I finally know what I want -

" I want to be better than who I am yesterday."