Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oh Scooter Cafe!

Girls and I visited a new place in town for their famous cotton candy coffee. This really triggers my curiosity about how it would look like. Besides that, the name of the cafe - "Oh Scooter" too give me another question to answer. Everything about this cafe doesn't come in sync , and that's why we really need to try.

The interior is more to graffiti and drawing based. Not to mentions scooters as decorations.

The walls are beautifully drawn. The artist is really talented. The colour coordinate matches up so well that it didn't give heavy feelings.

And here is what are you guys waiting for ,

Tiramisu Crepe cake, which was just right in texture but still not making us craving for more.

This deserved two pictures up on my blog because it's amazingly good.

Banoffee Cake which wasn't that rich in chocolate taste. I recommend this cake the most!


And not forgetting their main attraction,

Signature coffee!

you don't know how amazed I was, with this!

and here is me mixing my cotton candy in my drink.

Surprisingly, the coffee isn't as sweet as I think. I wouldn't say that it taste very amazing either because it's not warm after I'm done with the process. But this process of DIY the whole thing do make me feel very happy. I guess, this is how they market their different way of drinking coffee.

it's worth a try, I would say.