Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the Brewyard.

this deserve to be the heading of this post,
because all of us look super genuine with our teethy smile. 

Not forgetting about our messy hair due to the unwelcome wind and separate fringes. This picture shows 100% trueness. I really love this picture. 

This was impromptu brunch date with the girls which we just decided to catch up out of no where. When you get separated for too long then , you just need to see each other.


they are so busy with their phones. 


That don't matter now because I want to intro you a new brunch place in SS15 , called the Brewyard. It's just a few shops right beside Cosans Coffee. I didn't have the chance to take the pictures of the surroundings because there's too many people around - so I shy lol. 

Cappucino as a starter .

no, I don't take such artistic pictures. 

Credits to Bernice :)

All the way with pancakes. Don't ask why we order desserts for our main. 

and they have super cute names,

Little Lost Ship.

Pancakes topped with maple syrup and vanilla banana ice cream.

Fly me to the Caribbean.

I think it's really unique. Pancakes with banana together with chocolate syrup , little peanuts and vanilla ice cream. They even present it really well. It's one of the recommendations there.

and we didn't wanna missed out on their brunch menu , so we ordered Big Breakfast to try. I hate how greedy I am every single time when it comes to ordering food. My girls and I can never finish the food.

Super feeling breakfast set I could say. It's a really worthy portion for rm23. 

Overall, it was all good. I haven't try out other food on the menu but it seems nice ( I stalked the next table) . They have pancakes alot on their menu, and that's why it's really feeling. 

I don't know what's wrong with us but we couldn't get any pictures right that day, so here it is the best(s) out of 937592753297527 pictures we took. 

We took alot of pictures, I swear.

Messy hair , don't care.

Can't wait for the next brunch date, my girls.