Sunday, May 11, 2014

Let's talk about hair.

Alright , just like how the title of the post go -

Let's talk about hair.

Compare to clothings and cosmetics , I think I've treated my hair unfairly. I would update my lipstick colours and dresses but I never once thought of visiting the saloon for hair spa. I really don't enjoy waiting even if I know that the outcome is worth it.

I've receive alot of negative comments about my hair such as,



I can see your black roots already.

Why is your colour fading so much..

And even more. I could honestly say that, I didn't take them in. I don't even care because I have iphone filters to cheat when I am taking pictures of myself. My last hair dye was almost 6 months ago , which is the end of November last year. I'm pretty proud of myself because in year 2012 , I've colours my hair almost 7 times and last year itself, 3 times. I don't think my hair could take that pressure anymore so I slowly stop, letting all my black roots grow and be ugly

until -

I see this picture of me.


My black roots is almost half of my head and my spilt ends are horrible. 

What disgusts me the most is, the two obvious tone on colour on my hair.

I did lie to myself that I could just take selfies so the top of my head couldn't be seen.



I couldn't find any reason to lie to myself anymore. I really need help with my hair , and that ombre autumn leave colour is literally disgusting to me. 

At this point, I feel pretty helpless and the only place I could thought of is - RIDZ OKUMURA.

This saloon is the only saloon I go to unless I would like to try out new places for their hair treatment or hair cut. I never really trust saloons with hair colours because it always turn out into something I don't want or disappointed with. It's a whole lengthy process to have a in-depth conversation with your stylist and explain what you want and what you don't want. It takes a lot of time, and I'm too lazy.

Aside from all the reasons, I am really loyal to RO saloon because the people there are funny and they do not force people to do expensive hair treatments. They are always honest.

One of my favorite hairdo was, my red-purple ombre hair from january 2013b which I blogged here

alright, maybe not obvious.

the layers of colours under the sun is really pretty. Even my fam members gives two thumbs up.

As usual, RO saloon is forever busy. And if you want to visit them, you will need a week booking in prior. 

Current reads , which I have yet to finish.

and while waiting , I took selfies and yes, I have no shame because we are too close. I don't even need to tell him what colour I want or is suitable for me. The moment I land my ass on the chair, Sue just come with the colour which actually frightens me because it was bubblegum pink until he ask me to trust him. 

So after 2 hours ;

My hair colour changed from



This is without any filter and I couldn't be more satisfied. I really like the colour and I am surprised that he didn't do it all red based. He told me that he added pink and purple to shine out, and god I love my hair!!\

And after a few washes,

the colour came out even more obvious . 

and it looks a little dark purple-black indoors.

promise that there's no filter. This is under the lights.

I couldn't be thanklful enough every time I have a good hair do. It doesn't just boost my self-confidence without any make up. It also make me take care of my hair more because I don't want to ruined the masterpiece from Sue.

I love my hair colour :D

How about you?

Have you actually check out your hair colour yet? Maybe you need a touch up too!