Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Family Date.

I don't really celebrate family days but there is one Sunday where my family were really enthusiastic to spend a day together , hanging out.  We do not tend to travel far so Dad chose Setiawalk since none of us have been to the Old Shanghai street on top. 

All I could say is, I could see the effort they put in. I love how it truly resembles the old shanghai streets from the 60s where we could only watch in hong kong dramas. It recalls vintage and bring back the basics of beauty of oriental. 

I even put on a floral mini dress to match with the theme. It would be insane if I put on a cheongsam. 

I couldn't take many pictures since the crowd was crazy. After all, it was a Sunday night. We have snacks around while walking , exploring the new place. 

baby sis and her chubwubs cheeks.

This is disappointing ):

Hot Star chicken, yums.

Even the shops are designed perfectly to match with the theme. The corner shop which sells hokkien mee had most of the crowd going. It sells overprice hokkien mee , and the taste was just a so so. 

All time favorite, Hot and Roll!

They even have cafes but unfortunately, I didn't get to try it because my fam don't support me drinking coffee at night. Because they think that , I should set my body clock right and sleep early.

Baby Ariel is turning one soon :)

How about fine dine?

I can't wait to try this place out one day with my girls. 

And we ended with supper at Padi House.

I am not sure how you spend your family day , but I'm blessed with mine. It's really true that , the companion that matters - infact, all the time.