Monday, September 20, 2010


And sho, my visitors keep going down );
So whoever is still reading this right nao,
go to the nuffnang there and click on the ads.
My money is so little D: omg.

And soo , today Imma blog about
the wedding dinner I attended a week ago.

Family and I spend at least 2 hours to get ready
since our close relative is getting married.
And it's a compulsory for everyone to attend
so yeah .

To be honest ,
I rather stay at home at watch fahrenheit.
Okay, I no hope already seriously.

love the earrings alot :D

fav pose . wth.

And so you know ,
the dinner's at klang
and so, I have so much time to like,
camwhore in the car but of course,
I deleted alot since alot cmi D:

And it's held at dk what dragon restaurant.
The place was kinda small since there's
only like 20 tables or so .

Yes, toilet break!


No offense , I think the food isn't that good.
Everything seems to be either too pepper-ish
or either to tasteless , like wth .
And they serve no brand sarsi .
It's not even F&N , there's no coke.
Only mineral water and the brandless sarsi.

Okay wait,
they serve beers and liquor too.
But I believe that they add alot of water
because it's tasteless .
Tasteless like crazy , I mean.

But the dessert was good tho.
I like the cripsy biscuit kind of thing
with kaya inside , it's sho sweet.

And back home,

damn TT

oh btw,Fahrenheit's album is out already ! :D:D

And the songs is more to rock than R&B nao.
I prefer R&B from them anyway .

And you know whaaaat,
they are so cuteeeeee ! :D:D

Maybe I should blog about them soon.
Seriously, I need to show you how different
of them compared to last time .
As you know, I do keep their pictures.
I even keep news about them like mg :D

I can't believe I still get the butterflies
in my stomach feeling when I see Cal smiles.
And also, this may sound gay or whatever.
When he smiles, I feel like smiling too mg :D
This feeling's awesome , incredibly awesome.

Ah, I should shut up.

Idk why am I still here when I still
have a pile or work for me to complete.

I doubt I will do it anyway.

I think I really to continue to
watch my videos nao.