Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stars are blind.

O.S : Honestly, I don't think that someone would hurt someone in purpose.And,it's not call 'hurting' when someone is fighting back for their dignity.I just think that it's stupid for a person who doesn't know about whatever they're saying is trying to make it sound like they got blamed for godknowsreason. I just think that someone should just not talk if they don't want to feel offended or hurt but of course,they will die of boredom.So,just don't keep everything you heard in mind or live with it.

Where did I get this inspiration from ?
from a drama my friend have in her school.

People should just freaking grow up, really.

Oh well,

It's 2am in the morning and I can't sleep.
I shall just set the date to the 4th,
I feel like updating again , I guess. heh :/
It's september already , wow.
Look how time flies, finals is coming soon
and the year is gonna end soon .

Can't wait till next year .
Not SPM , but know how to drive.
Well, driving sound exciting to me
but after my dad say what car he want to
buy me , it just cut off the mood .
Well, don't mention it. You see next year.
Hahaha, as if you all remember lah!

And so , megasales is still on :D

But many of the shops doesn't wanna give discounts anymore.
Maybe because merdeka is over but raya is not over yet
so why are they so stingy D: Well, next sale is christmas sale :p

And the receipt for a month
excluding food , cinema tickets and accessories.

Daaaaaammmmnnn ,
what the hell did I buy.
And now, I still have trouble for not having nice heels
and do not have the correct shirt to match with my
bottom or skirts , also not enough accessories.
How much more I need to spend man!
Okay, I should just stop buying D:

And shooooo ,
on tuesday I went out with Kevan & Son-in-law 2.

Well, I knew that I couldn't wake up that early
so I asked them to meet me there at 130 or 2.
I forget -.-

Got movie tickets for Phua Chu Kang
then walked around , looking at those
signboards with the 50,60,70 discount.
Was so broke till I left around 60bucks
in my purse and couldn't buy anything );

Then headed to cinema
and the show was so hilarious.
Trust me, I laugh every ten seconds.
Idk why, everything seems to be so funny to me -.-
okaaaaaay, i'm weird but yeah.

After the one and a half hour show,
we walked around aimlessly
and then, I see those boards again.
Texted my aunty that sales still on, then.

Got into the fitting room to try some dresses.
Was thinking of getting them if I like asap,
when my dad is here or something.

Tried a dress that look like a maid or something,
the boys insulted it like mad but I still like it.
They asked me not to buy so, off we go.

Headed to a few more places
and then want to have dinner already
but couldn't decide where to go.
Well, I was the one who suggested
all the place but I don't wanna go.
Plus, they're guys so they should let me
choose and I'm so fickle minded.

End up, we decided to go ZenMai
but, it's the other end and I feel so tried.


So I was happily talking to them
but the moment I stepped out the parkson door,
which is just beside coco banana.
My heels spoiled! The down part of the heels
just come out like that, goddamnit! ); >.<

And I have to drag myself to the side.
The boys went to get me a pair of slippers
or something to save me ! );

Do you know how memalufying is it
to just stand there with a broken shoe.
Everything walked pass and just look
at me like I'm one of a kind! ish >.<

The shoe's so nice! leopard print sumore.

3 words,
life's sho sad );

Then, they came back with a 4bucks slipper from giant
But, I have no choice.

Daddy asked aunty to send me money
because I sound like some desperate pathetic bitch
who wants to just buy everything so yeaaah.

I think I should say ,
I love daddy (L)

Have dinner at Italinnies ,
a treat from kevan .

thaaaanks , keviee (;

I wanted to go and sing
but they felt so reluctant to go
plus, the price is just too mucch
so, I think I should just forget bout it.

So, I went shopping instead.
And, I bought the dress which they claimed
that I look like a maid -.- it's frigging 72bucks, mg.

The goods I get from Pavi with khei and the boys at sunway :D
note : the maid dress :p

And so wed, thurs and fri is a school day.
After this 3days , it's a week holiday.
Means the holiday is starting nao!
Well, government school have 2weeks tho!

Well, schooooooool life?

I don't get it how people see with the bangs covered their eye!My hair is like blocking my sight already and yet, I'm so lazy to go and cut! Ah, find a day maybe.

The other day , in my previous post .
I have claimed that my class is awesome
and those. Well, I am not bullshitting okay.

Look at the work , we have done
for the back ONLY.


All the colours we used is from our flag!
And, that's only the back.
The front , side , up and our table is also
decorated. Sigh,those people in my class (Y)
Unlike me, everything also fail one!

And the lesson have been on as usual.

Like ,
Accounts ; stone and stare blank at the board
because I don't understand.
Bio ; try hard not to sleep and keep eyes wide open
as hard as I can .
Moral ; listen to teacher insulting other people.
The others is as usual .
But one thing never changed ,
Never finish homework D:
AH, FAIL ! );

And those free period kind of thing :p

vonhoney (L)

chaaaarrrlyeee shoooo keeeeewt :p
Don't know why,
everyone often stares at her and say Charlyee shoo cute :p

Yesterday ,
went out for lunch with the bunch.
Had drama practices in school till 6
then headed home .

Suffered from pain and lied to the bed.
Gosh, painkillers doesn't even work anymore.

Morning call from Shihning round' nine or so .
Then go back to sleep and wake up at 1030am -.-
Told you that I'm hopeless.

Faster rush to the toilet and god brush up.
Didn't really put on make up today.
Feel so lazy and tired .

And finally reached around 1130 or so.
Got tickets for Piranha then headed to McD.
Bonding session starts.Around 1245, we went up.
Grabbed popcorns and there we go.

It's a must watch show. Well, for me lah!
Alot of flesh and blood, heh.

toilet break?

Then , start the shopping moooood.

In kitschen,

Didn't buy this dress tho. I look so ugly in it. And you know what, it's only 50bucks in multi colours.GO GRAB NAO!

Then to the to other shooop ,


Love the top but it cost 50bucks.
I might as well buy a dress right.
Wanted to buy that skirt
but I preferred the other one with a bow tho.
Didn't buy both in the end );

I grabbed a skirt from Cotton On.
Well, at least I get something for myself today right.

I am broke AGAIN!

I need money D:
I want heels and a bag.
Okay find, it's a want not a need
but still!

Iphone or Blackberry?!
When is the freaking iphone4 out in Msia! ish.

Another good news,
Fahrenheit's 4th album out on 20th in Msia!
Ah, can't wait.


p.s It's 4am now and I'm still awake.God knows why.