Sunday, September 5, 2010

All out of love.

Well sometimes, we often think are going against us and make a big deal of it.We often picture up small matter and forget about the big one.We often complain than learn to appreciate.We often choose to hate than love.
We often , we often.

Maybe , life is that sad.
But take a look at the younger ones around you , the kids. They spend time choosing crayons to match with their drawings unlike us, spend time thinking how to solve every problem we are going through. They spend time choosing their toys for today unlike us, spending time being depress.

And a kid's smile is never fake.Every smile they put on their face is always from the bottom of their heart.Unlike us, hanging on a big one on our faces to show that we're actually glad when we're not.They cried and forget but we cry and remember, forever.They laugh over little things , we laugh for the sake of laughing.

And sometimes ,
We just learn to be like them.

Maybe , Perhaps..
We will be happier , be more optimistic.

Hard to deny that ,
Sometime kids do cheer you up , no?



It may seem hard to move on in life but I guess, it's worth giving a try?

And really,
I think,