Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can't take my eyes off you.

I couldn't get myself off the bed today.
I love my bed so much till I don't wanna leave it
especially in the morning.
Skipped school today and probably tons of
homework for me to do back in school by then.

And I am so lazy to go to school already.
Might be going back tomorrow.

last friday , I have a family outing to genting.
Yes, Don't ask me why I always go genting -.-

Have pork noodles for breakfast and off we go ,

love the eye make up.

My face was in a cmi situation that day.
I know always cmi laaaah but this time, it's like extra.
Pft what am I talking about anyway .

why sho cute!

And we reached around 12pm?
And then wondered till 1230pm
and finally settle off for lunch.
My ahma cooked us lunch LMAO.

So we settle of at a place and then eat.

Grab a coffee first,
it was so damnn cold.

coffeeeeeee :p

And after lunch,

Daddy :p



Sat there for a while and enjoyed the cold breeze
then decided to head to indoor since the adults
want to go to casino and stuff so yeaaah .

While they were inside gambling,
we stayed outside for the cold breeze.

after awhile it rains ..

What kind of stupid weather is that!
Cold to the max, I tell you.

And so all of us was hiding under a shelter.

Sister sho cute :p

And this is the

legendary cmi face );

And I know this post is really short.

I was suppose to elaborate it like crazy
but I am out of mood now.


p.s I feel betrayed.