Thursday, September 9, 2010

Don't let it get upside down because you look so pretty with the smile on.

And so, I am here to update whatever I am suppose to.
Well, this post will be full of pictures
and I'm trying to type as much as I can
because I realise, my post is lack of words
and have too many shitface of me here , hmmm..

Okay, that doesn't make any sense.
I should just keep it to myself.

On thrusday .

I went Genting one day trip with a few friends.
Well, we didn't want to call many people
since it was super last minute.
We kinda discuss it on sunday midnight,
which in Monday so yeaaaah.

Plus, it wouldn't be that nice with too many
people anyway .

Woke up around 630 am or so.
Got ready and Crazy gene came around 650am -.-
I thought he was joking but yeah , he did.

So I asked him to called Ming and Potato
and tell them that everyone's there
soooo, they will come earlier.

Called the came to be there around 715am
but the cab came ten minutes earlier.
Potato came and told us bout his stories
when he was rushing to come.
And Mingli came around 720 or later.

Took the cab to ou and decided to go for
the earliest bus which is 8am .
When we get the tickets, it's like 750 already.
And kevan haven't reach yet so yeah.

So we all got panicked and spam call kevan like mad.
And he was still in the car , omg.

It's 758am already and he wasn't there yet.
We didn't get up the bus incase he cannot see us.
The whole bus was full with uncles and aunties
and they were staring at us like mad.

So it's 8am, the bus uncle was about to go
so he asked us to leave a ticket there
and ask kevan to take another bus.

We were like , OH SHIT WHAT TO DO D:

and we decided to leave a ticket there for him
if not we need to pay all over again. Like omg D:

So we went in the bus , potato went to leave the ticket
at the counter and then, JENG JENG JENG.
Kevan ran from the other side just right on time.
Dramatic , can!

We were like so kanjiong about it.
but phewwwww . luckily.

So we got into the bus with all the midde aged people
stared at us like maaaaaaaad , so we went to the end.

Sorry laaaah! it was so boring okay.

And so,
we keep on talking and a few of them
keep turning back to look at us
because we were so loud.

Reached gohtong jaya round 850am or so.
Well, it was quite fast.

Potato , SON-IN-LAW#2


And soo we reached the Genting skyway.
We walked around and had mexican bun!

It doesn't taste good because it's already cold!
4 for ten bucks . Well, that's what we get I suppose.

Then we headed to the cablecar

and off we go to genting!


Gene said potato have his cumface ==

we reached genting 15 mins later

I went all excited and so,
I request for a group picture hehe!


half of him

deng deng!

And so , all of us kinda miss our breakfast
except for kevan since he have his hokkien mee
already! That's one of the reason why is he late.

So we went over to the other side..

Mirrrrroooooors :D

Wanted to have Kenny Rogers but it was still close.
So we can only have fast food.
Have KFC instead and really, it's more expensive.
And McD doesn't have 595 over there!
Con money one!


And yes , after we eat.
We go to the teeeaaampark !

Hello Hello Baby sorry I can't hear a thing,I got no service in genting you see you see.

Okay I shaddap!

Our first ride was the mini roller coaster thing.
Well, it only took us 20minutes since it's so early
and me and mingli was screaming like crap.
And omg la, we were like so loud D:

And we sat a few rides after that.
Am so sorry la, I too lazy to elaborate pfft.

This was at the go kart!
I am 165cm! so short D:

And we have to sign this contract thing.
So that if we die or something ,
they do not have to be responsible -.-

if this picture is brighter, it will look better.

shower cap ;p

like this picture, idk why.
From this .


this :p
They say I look like the canteen aunty -.-

minglliii :D



lisababy, if you're reading this.
Your husband cheek is so chubby and it's at the correct texture , LMAO.

We spend an hour or so on the go kart thing -.-

I put my bag at the front
and my shades fell off , I didn't know.
So potato picked it up for me
and when he return me , the two glass fell off.
OMG , so I have no choice but to throw.
Well, it's only 25bucks so nevermind lah.

And my go kart stopped for like a minute
and they gave us 5 minutes and I wasted one minute.
DAMN IT D: it's like I wasted more than an hour
or so and then I wasted a minute.

I bought 5bucks orange juice to drink.
And it's so small. D:


At the 4d theater.

I am serious that it is dead boring.

When it is over,
all of us was like : HA OVER D AR? kind of thing.

BR do taste better in genting, it's frigging nine bucks. MG.

Since we were so zzz.
We decided to go catch a movie or so.

And when we were at the station,
we go around this shop for food testing.
Okay, we were so stingy to buy anything.


We couldn't get the tickets for cable car.
And also , out tickets in the package was 7pm/
And it was so freaking late so yeah.

Got a taxi and squeeze in.
Mingli's life is damn sad.
Or I should say,
is sad since then.


Yes, she damn dulan.

Fell asleep and reached pyramid around 6pm
so we headed to simply penang for dinner
and also, for mingli to see her cute guy there
which work as the waiter LOL.

Okay, she got zha by the bus the whole time.

We got tickets for The expandables and step up 3.

gene and I went to get tickets.
I was so blind and thought it was at 7 for expandables
so i told them the same thing too.

650pm we went to get popcorns and stuff
and the light for cinema one was on
so we go there and got ready to get in.
End up, the fella say the light was for the
previous one and the movie was at 740pm.

Five of us , each with drink on the hand
and one with popcorn went like WHAAAAAT?

So we have no choice , we went to arcade for daytona.
Gene and Chinkeat spilt their drink. ftl HAHAAHA.

So we went for the movie
and I kinda likey it. Jet li's shoo cute!

And once it ends, we rushed for another movie
which was at 920pm and it was already 930.
So we ran out and up to the cinema then
go pee since I couldn't stand already.
Got out, the boys was still in toilet -.-

Gene took out his phone and it shows 918pm -.-
Potato's phone was fast == ASSSSS _l_

So we took our time and go in.

You know what ? Step Up 3 sucks a whole lot.
It totally wasted my time and money,
although the guy's damn hot.

I don't get it what is so nice about it.
And those people who said it's nice
really confuse me.

The question is ,
Do they really think it's nice
or because, they just follow our people?
If they are following ,
like please .. don't be so LOA , can.

So i went home around 1130pm.

Feel all satisfy.

Well at least,
I didn't waste a day.

And you know what ,
I am going up to genting with family again tmr.

I bet the adults is going to casino again -.-

Oh wait, I forget something!
I got sunburn after I come back from genting.

it's late already,
good night.

If you had spend sometime listen to me and not your friends,you do not need to look at me from far and afraid that I know , you do not need to act like how much you hate me , you do not need to lie , you do not need to pretend that you're okay, you do not need to hope that I don't realise
and most of all,
you might still have me now.

And remember ,
I never have any intention to leave , you pushed me away.

I miss you too.
come back?