Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cos baby tonight, DJ got us fall in love again.

I know that my updates are just too simple nowadays.
And to be honest, I do not have time.
No, I have not been studying and exam is
like 26 days away , holy crap );

I promise that I will start studying next week.
I have to. I do not wanna fail any subjects again.

And I have been fml-ing everyday nao.

I couldn't get my new phone.
It's like got money also cannot buy.
You tell me fml anot !

I have been emoing about Cal lately.
You guys should go watch 'Sexy Girl's mv.
it's like so obscene man. He got molested.
And, full stop );
I am so terribly jealous.

After that,
My closet is so messy , my shoes/heels
is not in place and my mum nagged like crazy.
And I have to arrange it by next week.
If not , she ask my maid to dump my clothes
out -.- SO MEAN,CAN );

And lastly ,
My studies .
Idk anything and I don't wanna screw up
a shit in finals, it's like finals. mg.

And I got my bangs back.

innocent , can ?

Everyone say I look rounder and stuff
but it's okay la, it makes no difference.
Well, I am trying to leave long hair.
If I am damn patient.

In pictures, side fringe is always better.
Pfft. well );

And you know what ,

Fahrenheit's coming during december.



hey , lovelies.