Thursday, September 2, 2010

In my dreams, you're mine forever

trust me, I never edit this.

As I said , I am gonna blog about those two 'events'
today and shooo, I quickly finish up my homework.
Okay fine, finish copying those answer from Charlyee.

And today ,
I feel so different and I have no idea why.
Nothing is really wrong with me
except for a few pimples popped out from my cheek.

I have not been updating about school.
Well, I used to update about school like crazy.
But now, I only update about my outings,
events and my thoughts when I am emo.
And maybe, because of that my visitors
leaaaaave meee TT

I could feel a guilt building inside me lately ,
I have no idea where did it come from.
It makes me feel so uneasy and annoyed.
Yes, I feel guilty too -.-

okay , let's go to the point.

Soooo , on sunday which is the 29th.

Got a morning text from khei round' 9am.
Well, she knows that I need to fix my face
and shooo yeah and end up, she came late
which is just nice because I took such a long
time to like choose things and everything.

Soo, her momma and her came around 1030
or so to pick me up from my place
and there we go to pavillion !

Reached there around 11 plus
and I was making a lot of noise
because I wanna pee and you know what,
we take at least errrr, 20 minutes
to find the toilet like mg );


And then , we finally find the toilet -.-

Well , there it goes.

I mean like ,
what else you can do in the toilet
other than peeing rriiiiighhhhht ?

And so, we spend another ten minutes or so
to find somewhere to eat .

We don't know what to then ended up at,



I have no idea why when I have no where to go
and then end up at TGIF.
and really, I am so sick of that place already.
Shoooo, next time nomore that place already man!


Had burger and didn't finish it.
I just eat the beef inside.

And we bond bond abit
and then laugh laugh abit.
then there we go.

Walked around aimlessly then to Forever 21.


The forever21 is like 5 times bigger than the one
in pyramid , mg. Pyramid is just like -.-

And really , they separate it into 5 or 6 compartments
and it makes life so much easier because you know
where to go and buy and stuff .

But unfortunately,
I don't really like anything there
except for a leopard print like skirt.
Didn't buy it anyway ,
because it's 80bucks .
Definitely not worth it at all!

But really,
I like it .

Maybe next time if I still see it in any f21,
I should just grab it la :p

the background aweeeesome?

So, we left for Cotton On , Nichii and so much more.

And while we are at those shops ,
I keep telling khei about the Japanese crepe.
I call it the fold fold japanese thingi la!
she went all -.- WHAT'S THAT LA.
so I repeated whatever I say .

I'm serious.I keep wanting to eat that thing!

So we go to the itinerary board and god,
we don't even understand a shit
So, we just continue our shopping thing.

Stopped at roxy and decided to get movie ticket.

Grabbed tickets for Vampire Suck.

Me : CUSE ME CUSE ME! you know the japanese wrap thing?
lady : huh?
Me : the food , japanese wrap?
lady : no.

Okay, she damn mean.
she was like NO! asssss _l_

And so , I was so sad , emo or whatever it's call
and walk away then I complain to khei, as usual.

then I see the word "SHIM..."

So I went like ,

Me : I think I found it!
Khei : where?
Khei : LOL. SHIM.

so we walk so fast and thennnnn,



Okay, I don't know why I get so excited.
Maybe because I really wanna try it or
something and please, it look so pretty!

Even the plastic ones on display :p

So I ordered Strawberry , my fav
and she had CHocolate banana or something.


Happy girl with japanese crepe!



then off we go..

So, we continue walking around and stuff.

Well, I have no idea how we get to the lower ground
And I sawwwww bread papas so we lined up for it ==

3.80 and it was goood.
We used to have one in pyramid
but then, it closed down! ah, why la D:

So after that, we don't know why we end up
at cotton on.

We were enjoying it when we were choosing
our clothes and stuff but then ,
suddenly ...

me : HAR?
khei : it's 2.20 edi!

our movie is suppose to start at 2.15.
We dropped all the cardigans , skirts
and sooo ,we rushed to the cinema
which is at the other end of the mall.
Plus, the mall is like so big omg TT
the sad thing is, she was in heels.


And you know what,
when we reach, the movie haven't even start yet.
Super zha dou.

The movie is so dull.
It's like they are mocking the whole series
of twilight saga . It annoys me anyway.
But the guy that act as Edward
is kinda hooooot :p

So , then after movie..
I totally forget so pictures.

More in fb!

And so , we went nichii and spend sometime there.
Grabbed stuff each and there we go to
Pepper Lunch.


When to parkson to get some stuff.
Off I go.

I have troubles looking for taxis
but yeaaah, finally found one -.-

Khei and I was like aiyooo, why life so sad
kinda thing .

Text her otw to Kai's house.
Was kinda worried tho
but the taxi driver is so friendly.

Reached kai's house round' 730 or so.

She brought us around her house
and goddamnit, her mirrors is too good for camwhoring.



Then we eat, talk, bond, and whatever .

Was a little awkward at first but then,
it went on well.

All the fav cutting cake session.

signature pose!

okay everyone look shoo happy.

and then,

It was seriously crazzzzy!
I washed it off and then this girl put it on me again
like at least 5 times omg D:

And then we bond -.-

And shooo ,
I went home around ten or so.

Have supper with family then sleep :p

oh one more,

I was so exhausted that day.
Soooo ,
I should just have my dinner nao


i hate to have mix feelings .
Am I too complicated or you're too simple ?