Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just before I forget ;

So , I'm short of time already
and I got to go so I'll make this fast and yeah.

This will be up the next day or so.
Set timer since I won't be at home .

June 8, Tuesday

Daddy finally have sometime
and so we went out to have a family day
to ou -.-

Damn potong, can !
I wanted pavillion pffft.

Can you believe I bought this at 19bucks :p

Did some shopping ,
have dinner at shogun till all of us get stomach ache.

And then when to get a cake and got home .

How much daddy loves me (;

Then I got a cake .

Well , this is how the birthday goes right .

Some blueberry cake , thingmajing
and it tasted real good .
Strawberries (;

And they sang me birthday song , thrice
because I wanna make more wishes or so .
Well , they do that every year anyway .

Pictures do the talking ,
lazy to elaborate -.-

So called 'formal' picture.

And then , I forced everyone to take picture with me
Grandma holds the camera and she doesn't know how to use.
Damn funny , can!


then we see the photo and we went :

then we retake .

Damn sampat.


Abit blur.

Getting better.

Best (Y)

And with flash .

Daddy's dulan face pffffffttt


June 9 , Wednesday


I sound so pathetic to wish myself ,
Happy birthday D:

So , Mingli came over to my place and I got ready
then headed to Italinnies for lunch .

Camwhore! :p

And the food .


And so , Mingli received a call
and wanted to go to toilet
so I felt something fishy .

And I was stoning alone in the restaurant.
Like seriously, damn sad );

Then after 15 or 20mins ,she came back
and sat down , looking calm and shit.
The next moment I look at the entrance
or stairs , ze bitch was there .


I felt so surprised .
I know that sentence is kinda potong
but, Idk which word is suitable for what I have felt so yeahh.
I was really happy tho (;

And then shopping , and shopping, and shopping (;

Bitch .

Then to baskin robins since it's pink day .


And that sums up my day .