Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sweet Sixteen !


Okay, I know there's nothing special but still, I am a year older and it means I am gonna die faster pftt. Okay I should just stfu.



Anyway ,
thanks for the wishing , people.

I love you (;

Just like ,
How much Winnie The Pooh love Honey (;



Edited @ 1.01 am ;

It's my sweet sixteen.

and ,
I am suppose to be happy and expecting something from everyone including you.Well , I don't really expect things from you but really , I can't believe that you can just put such great effort to ruin my mood on my birthday.You can say I am sensitive or whatever.Just maybe , you don't care.If it's like this , then don't even bother to do anything then.It's my birthday and it's so important to me and I believe I have told you that many many times.And it's a hint for you not to ruined it but still , I couldn't prevent that .

I am so sick and tired to find reasons to lie to myself that you didn't mean it.I am just out of reasons.Maybe I was the one expecting too much and still living in my own dreams and telling myself that you care , you will , you always do but end up, everything is just going against what I have told myself.I'm foolish , I'm dumb , I deserved to feel like this because I was the one who put in too much hopes and so.I thought you will still be how you used to be , trying not to let me down and make me feel like I am still a 'somebody' to you but I guess , everything is gone. Wow , just gone .. like that .

And now , I'm sixteen.
I am a year older and I should learn not to care like you do.I am disappointed but really, I deserved it.I deserved everything .

I am tired and I should just sleep till my birthday is over so I need not to be disappointed anymore.

Well ,
Sweet Sixteen?