Friday, June 4, 2010

You call it 'a happy smiling face' but I call it ' a mask to hide my pain'

Like finally ,
Mid terms's OVER :D :D :D

After whole two miserable frigging weeks , isssh .

I have been 'studying' so I hardly update *cough*
Okay, I feel abit guilty for saying that D:

These two weeks was hell .
Lack of sleep , lack of concentration on things
so I won't be really surprise if my results is bad.
Okay , I shall just forget about that first pfft.

And so, today's the last day of mid terms
so I headed to pyramid to a few friends or so.
I have not been going out for like ,
almost a month and seriously, the air outside is fresher
although our country is like so air polluted .
I know you don't get it but yeah..

So, we sat Mingli's car to pyramid
and of course , there were hell lots of sriklians.

Choose clothes for fongkhei since she never bring clothes
and after looking around for a quite sometime ,
she finally found clothes that fit her and look great.

While waiting for fongkhei to change .

I just realise I have not been camwhoring :o
No wonder so lack of pictures .
Don't smile like that , I will still disgust you anyway :D

Then to Dragon-i for lunch and everyone was so full pfft.

Shrek3 for movie.
Okay, inside joke.

Then wonder around aimlessly to bowling.
I can't bowl :o and those mean people keep laughing at me.

Then walk around, then starbucks.
Few people joined and everything.
Lazy to elaborate .

BarBQ plaza for dinner and it was all good ,

Others in fb : D

So then , naeb and headed home around 10pm or so.
Now I'm here and okay, everything was fast .

Just now I was so lifeless so I went through the albums
in my facebook or so.
I went through my birthday party last year.
And really, i miss it so much.
I couldn't deny that I am so much happier that time.

Not that I say I am really sad now or whatever.
I just wish that day would just keep replaying.
I had so much fun , and I believe that my friends are to.
And everyone could make it to share my happiness
and everything. Life was so much simpler , that time.

I still can remember , I counted down for my birthday
with my friends because all of us couldn't wait for the party.
We start counting down 42days before and when there's a day
left, all of us get so excited and everything .

Really ,
I miss June9 2009 so so so mucch .

It may look simple and all but trust me,
it's the best I ever had in my fifteen years of life.

How I'd wish everyone could just make it
and turn up to share everything with me.
I am not trying to say things just to make
people who couldn't make it to feel bad or guilty.
But really , is it so hard to just be there
and accompany me to blew my sixteen candles?

I am not expecting much , like surprises .
I just want the close ones to be there
so that I can tell them my wishes .
But it seems like , it's the hardest wish for now.

The happiest picture taken last year.

Plans may not be very interesting this year
but still , there's 5 more days left till me turning sixteen.
Honestly, I really couldn't wait for cakes, birthday songs,
blowing candles , cut cake , cake fight.
And , sixteen , sweet sixteen. Sounds special to me.

Sweet sixteen should be sweet and end with tears of joy
and I believe I will (;

I may start too late but still..

5 DAYS till me turning sixteen :D

and, I couldn't wait for the dinner on sunday night(;


p.s My birthday is not here yet and you gave me the earliest birthday present which is, you left.Goodbye to you , the person who I never thought that I would actually say goodbye to.Thanks for existing , in my life .